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Though cramped, my Amiga workshop is a place where
I enjoy using and testing my Commodore collection

Alternative methods are used to add peripherals to
base Amiga models to improve performance. I make
every effort not to break up or cannibalise machines

Big box Amigas are tested regularly but kept in safe
storage. Though these machines are not used in the
workshop I do protect and maintain them at all times

I am always on the look-out for rare machines and
constantly scour web sites, auctions and local
press for worthy additions to my collection

I would like to have one of every Amiga model working
in order that I can access hardware and software. This
is the best way of answering questions about the various
Amiga models. The A500 and A590 are of particular interest
to me, as the A500 was probably the most popular Amiga

Early Commodore models are also fascinating, and some
show the early development of the platform to the Amiga
Though developed by a completely different group of people,
the C128D I believe is similar in many ways to the A1000

Collected also are magazines, books, software, coverdisks and
games and I am making efforts to put together whole sets of media
I use these collections as reference sources and often assist
others by supplying detail and copies of valuable information

No amiga collection would be complete without the various
peripherals and hardware. To this end I have collected expansion
cards, disk drives, CD-ROMS, interfaces, frame grabbers etc
which on the whole are associated with specific computers

Ideally the computers are collected in their original box
but sadly this is not always possible.

It`s also great having the odd expansion that you really have
no clue what it`s for. Thatís when the Amiga Groups come into
their own and help in identifying items of hardware.

I do collect from abroad, like Germany and USA, but you
have to be aware of voltage differences and language

It is always better for the Amiga community to try and
encourage others to keep their beloved computers. But if
not possible I will try to obtain from sellers all that they
have to ensure that the collection is kept as complete as
is possible. I discourage people from separating computers
from their boxes and then hacking them apart to sell in bits


All pictures from on this site were taken
using an Epson 850Z digital camera.

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