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Updated 17th August 2018

Aspiredelos Quionosta

Book Update for August 2018

I am well on the way with the latest in the trilogy - and now I venture into the world of Gyvx-STy||hT'o ... classic

I take one last look at the remnants of the Tumoon-Triangulor knowing that it holds my light in another place.....

I never did believe all that transpired. As comforting as it may have been to watch over the demise of the Talon Claw I did not for one minute think that this was truly the end. The heavens were filled with the red glow of toxic gas as the wisps of yellow 'hyffa' dragged their deathly mist toward my passage . I was alone for now and unable to make sense of it all. My shadow cast it's fingers across dusted road and I knew that I must venture forward if I am to recover my partence. There was nothing but to wade through gaseous torment to find the glaucous winter chasm that is Gyvx-Sty||hT'o. There could be no rest for me today. I had lost the one treasure that filled my soul and now I was cast helpless into that red night. Oh for the love of mine heart to make tortured pathway wisped and fain... But no. I feel and sense no requirity and in unworthy chains I am now entwined and incarcerated as if of lonely cell. It is void and empty without my bond but I shall continue. I am but moments away from escape... I must and I will carry on. I take one last look at the remnants of the Tumoon-Triangulor knowing that it holds my light in another place. There is no way back and so extinguished does it rend my fallen talon. Through wetted eye I brush away my sadness and turn again to venture to another world. I am alone but not lost. There can be no comfort when suffering in solitude. And so it rends little purpose and can serve only to weaken. If I have learned anything from demonic bond it is that you fail only yourself by grieving loss. The cold moons became shaded caverns and the tentacles of death moved ever closer. Through slitted black I cast my hand and in an instant I was gone from this place. Falling.. falling... falling... Welcome to the Gyvx-STy||hT'o ... a place I know far too well.


Through inky black into a turbulent swirling violent storm. A cacophony of tormented memory cascading in torrents of unfathomable twisted fractures. Naught made sense and yet it all made sense. I had learned to let the process wash over my receptors. I step away from the reality of visual concourse and sink into that deep dark calm that is my minds eye. For in that hallowed place all is calm and that which attempts to shatter my world with thunderous spikes of white lightening is held at bay. Such is my power of contemplation. Psychedelic swirls of flickering light ring my senses and I fight to take it from my vision. I am stronger than this but still it vents to my brain, clawing for attention. It does not succeed and I find myself lost to all as I travel through the abyss to my next destination. I am cast to the ground and conscious that my minds storm has turned to that which is physical. I lay on hard ground and am being drenched in a most torrential rain storm. I am wet beyond wet and drag my aching frame to my feet and struggle to see anything in the darkness. The rods of chilled water penetrate my very being and I am numb to its intensity. The water cascading from my brow. Then through curtain veil of wetted hue I see a light and a shrouded dark figure. I sense its form and know it to be mine own... ' Clara ' The figure moved from view and the light faded. I struggled through the dark... ' Clara ' I cried. But no response. I stood in bellowing white shirt drenched to the core. I moved to where the light had flickered and there to my person stood a large stone. Tall and raising far beyond me. Light flit from distant moon and penetrated the watered fleams. I was able to make sense of words etched into the stone... ' Nrly 600 '..... ' What the ...... ' I turned and then was hammered to the floor and that is all I remember of that moment..... And so I was cast back to the darkness.


The day that the rain came.. All words and artwork by me scink
In search of the Island of Pjeschioscho You will forgive me for not divulging more of the story. This is not for copyright reasons, it is because the story is a personal journey written for my amusement..... In the end it became more than just one book.. The four books 'What if there is nothing', 'Gates of the Pink Paradox' 'Aspiredelos Quionosta' and 'The Search for the Island of Pjeschioscho' are the fictional work of scink and or scuzz.. take your pick. Other works include 'Pollen', 'Living in a Box' and 'Standing in the Shadow of a Tall Tree' By the way 'Pjeschioscho' is pronounced Per-show-show


[August 2018 and Gyvx-STy||hT'o and Tales from the Styhto Table] Having completed 'Aspiredelos Quionosta'and the offshoot which was called Talon-Claw Tuu-Moon Triangulor I adventured with Clara into Gyvx-STy||hT'o and Tales from the Styhto Table. I'm on a roll at the moment and loving it. In the end AQ turned into a trilogy. Much to my delight and inspired by Clara Veiga as ever. [ May 13: I have moved the book to the CVinK Vault for now as I am expanding the work in my private folders and really the original draft has become a little fractured now and has changed and developed as you would expect. It no longer fully represents the true work and even the characters have changed plus some of the story plots. That's the way of writing. I have no plans to bring the work back to the computer site. Makes no sense . In truth I developed a sub plot from the main story that actually developed a life of its own and became another story ........ called the Talon-Claw Tuu-Moon Triangulor.. Action packed ]

Clara Veiga

Aspiredelos Quionosta

A big thank you to Clara Veiga
who for me is the face behind the books

I dedicate this site to you

For lovers of Clara you can see her H E R E

The show is John Richmond Milan 2004 and Clara
appears at 1.39 - 5.55 - 10.24 and 14.08
Thanks to the Fashion Channel

Happy Birthday Clara
CLARA VEIGA - Brazilian
Born August 20th 1981
She is 5'10 | 33-24-34
And will be forever .. 22

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