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ScuzzBlog: Diaries December 2018

Entry 25th December 2018: Post 03: VIC 20 Saturnalia Miracle

VIC 20 Saturnalia Miracle

OK so late tonight 24th December I am playing League of Legends
and losing very badly, when my mind was drawn to a possible
sighting of a rogue VIC 20 in a plastic tub. I have been trying
to track down all the VIC 20s and C64s to see what is working.

Finished off the LoL session and the team won ' VICTORY ' with
no thanks to me or should I say LUX, and hot footed down into
the long store to open up a few tubs. I was convinced I had
removed the VIC 20 in there which I sensed was broken.

To my surprise there was a VIC 20 in the tub and so I set too
plugging her into ol' Black n White. And to a greater surprise
she was working. There was a cheer from folk dancing in the
street and fireworks... though I sense it could have been
for something else.

Well there you go.... that is a Saturnalia Miracle.

The power switch was locked solid but I managed to get it working

VIC 20 Saturnalia Miracle

Just needs a good clean and somewhere
for her to sit so I can check her out.

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