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ScuzzBlog: Diaries February 2019

Entry 1st February 2019: Post 01: Amiga - The art of the Amiga

Amiga - The art of the Amiga

I have always enjoyed mucking around with art packages on the Amiga.
It is what got me into the Amiga in the first place. Animation is
what I really wanted to transpose over from my drawing desktop using
pens and pencils cus I couldn't readily convert the images into
moving animations. The Amiga not only let me draw, scan and edit
images very quickly but also let me animate them also. Add to that
the joy of being able to play with music with images and the opportunities
became endless.

So nights were spent capturing images and animations. Editing them
in the various software packages that I had and then when I needed
to relax I could fire up Sensi or the latest game. Magical.

So in support of my artistic bent I give you some of the better
products available at the time. I do have many more, like Imagine 3,
but I wasn't in the mood to shift too many tubs right now. I think
you get the ' picture '.

I finish with DPaint and will in time gather all my DPaint software
and books etc and do a little feature. Certainly deserves it.

Amiga - The art of the Amiga

Images from the CVinK Archive

Deluxe Paint


Deluxe Paint

dpaint dpaint

Deluxe Paint II

dpaint dpaint

Deluxe Paint III

Dpaint III dpaint dpaint

Deluxe Paint IV

dpaint dpaint

Deluxe Paint V

dpaint dpaint

Deluxe Paint Videos


Art Extras

oct02 oct02 dpaint Deluxe


Deluxe Music

Deluxe Music Deluxe Music Construction music music


Real Things

Paint II Paint III Deluxe Music Deluxe Music Construction

DPaint IV

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