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ScuzzBlog: Diaries March 2019

Entry 11th March 2019: Post 01: Vital Light

Vital Light
Vital Light 1994 by Efecto Caos

Been meaning to feature this game for a very long time. The reason
being that game has probably one of the best music intros that I
have ever played. I have a cracked version of the disk and sometimes
I just load the first disk to listen to the music. The game itself
isn't that inspiring as a Tetris cloan .. but the music is wild.
Best bass riff I have listened to on the Amiga.

For some reason I don't appear to have a manual. I have this poster
with all the control details which seems to be referring to the
CD32. Not sure if there was an official manual.

I have tried to Blitz the disks but disk 2 is copy protected and
wont let me copy. I haven't had a go with XCOPY which is how these
cracked disks may have been created. Fortunately you can copy the
first disk with the music on so that'll do for me.

So if you get a chance then do acquire the game if only to joy at
the intro music.

Vital Light

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