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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 2nd July 2017: Post: 1

Early Amiga 500


A month or so ago I went through the A500's I have and found around 
three with issues. One was a very early A500 with the red LED and C= key 
and the red Caps Lock. When I switched on I am getting a yellow screen.

Anyway I opened up and first found a Trops RAM 500 card with a strange 
couple of wires in the trap door. There was also something very loose 
inside. I removed the keyboard and shielding and out from below the 
floppy drive popped a switch. The small wires ran from the card and the 
switch I assume use to just hang out the bottom.

All appeared fine. A500 Rev 5 and Serial No. 011753. The ROM had been 
upgraded to the 1.3 315093-02 1988. The chips had the distinctive mark 
of IIIOE... MOS that's as close as I can make it look.

And so having seated what I could I fired up and she worked first time. 
Memory 888128. With the switch the other way the memory was 363936, 
though that caused a GURU and a reboot. Still worked though with the 
smaller memory. Whether the switch was causing a short I don't know. 
Nice to be able to put one of my oldest 500s to bed.

This is the RAM board.


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