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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 3rd July 2017: Post: 1

And so Finally


I have now unplugged the Amiga 1060 sidecar and put all the disks and 
books away. I have made full notes on the boot sequence and labelled all 
the disks for the future. So this little episode is finally closed. 
Amazing really because it not only lead me to DOS and 5.25" disks but 
also allowed me to refurbish the IBM PS/1 with added 5.25" and also to 
give the old IBM GL300 some much needed TLC. I spent the afternoon 
dusting out the two motherboards and adding new batteries. The GL300 is 
now back in store but I am keeping the PS/1 and Windows 3.1 out and running.

I also said farewell today to my 1060 buddy in Germany. He was not so 
successful getting his 1060 working, but he hasn't given up.

With one last throw of the dice I was unplugging and reconnecting the 
Amiga 1200 with the Q Drive and came across a spare plug. I thought what 
the hell.. plugged in and there was that familiar trill phone like ring 
that I get on the 1060. What on earth... Looked up and the CBM Model 
4032 was green screen and ready to rock and roll. You know, I thought I 
only had one of the PET style computers working. Now that was a 
surprise. Switched off now.

And so what am up to next. Well I am venturing back into 500 territory 
trying to fix the two that I do not have working. I also need to check 
the GVP Turbo again, not been on for a while.

Always something to do. I do feel that this last week has been very 
productive. The 1060 working was the icing on the cake. I also have a 
straight run of computers from the Windows era all working... Win3.1, 
95, 98 and XP. I guess I should get a Millennium working. I have all the 
disks and the like. Dunno. Think I'm done with Windows for a while. Back 
to my beloved Amigas.


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