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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 3rd July 2017: Post: 2

Fake Firefox Update


I see the fake Firefox update is back. I am getting them when I go to an 
Ebay page from my email [ will stop doing that now ]. I have decided 
that it may just be possible that someone is tracking watching and 
linking somehow. Dunno. The fake update is the firefox-patch dot js 
which throws a new  screen up and looks very official. It however is 
linked to a site called ceerebi4u which is a totally random name so 
there is no link.

I never have clicked installs from pop ups and always CTRL-ALT-DEL out 
of notifications like that and close Firefox. Has happened twice now and 
both times from my links to Ebay. I seem to recall having the problem a 
few years ago. My guess its these guys using old ideas to try and get 
you to download this ransom stuff.

Anyway, just give you the heads up. Firefox updates from the updates 
page only.


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