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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 3rd July 2017: Post: 3

The 1060 Works



/During the boot sequence you should hear a sound like an old phone 
ringing and the screen will show Sidecar Workbench V1.2/
13: When you have booted into Workbench Screen you will see the 
*Workbench 1.2* icon.
14: Click this and open the *PC drawer* and click the *PC **Mono* icon. 
During boot the 1060 gives out a high pitched beep as it tried to access 
the 5.25" disk. It is then it asks for the date and the time.
15: *YOU DO NEED MS DOS* in the 1060 on a floppy disk or you will get an 
error message. I used *MS DOS 3.10 Start-up Disk(Com)*.
16: Input Date and Time and you will be given the A> prompt

/DIR gave/
*Volume in Drive A is DOS STARTUP**
**Directory of A:\ COMMAND COM 22773 11-04-85*


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