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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 4th July 2017: Post: 2

And so Finally


Postie just arrived and delivered all the way from Germany , not one, 
but four copies of the original 5.25" Commodore Amiga MS-DOS with 
A2088/A1060 UTILITIES. All sealed with the STOP! sticker. All in their 
wonderful blue and white sleeves with the red flash and Commodore name.  
Also is one disk of the Commodore Amiga GW BASIC 3.2 INTERPRETER also 
with the A2088/1060 UTILITIES.

All five disks are sealed so I shall not be opening them. Fortunately I 
was able to test the Amiga 1060 without these disks in the end. So I 
will place them with the 1060 collection and store. I did in the end 
download a copy of the original manual for the 1060 so in truth I have 
the working Amiga 1060 with manuals and original disks.

So ends this little adventure.


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