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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 10th July 2017: Post: 1

Guess I should just shut the Windows


Gave up on the one tower. When I did further research the CD-ROM was 
receiving no power and what was worse there was only one power connector 
available and from the connector there was this strange wire which 
looked seriously burnt and in line on the wire was what I assume was a 
heat sink. It was impossible to touch it was so hot. The computer 
refused to boot properly. I managed to get in but when I fired up Adobe 
the screen went bonkers. I switched the video card but sadly need the CD 
and so the machine needs a new PSU and probably everything else.

The second tower, which looks identical has a more modern motherboard 
and 80MB RAM. I swapped out the hard drive on the slave and replaced the 
battery. I jacked the sound blaster to run through the front headphone 
socket. Plugged in a remote headphone transmitter and currently 
listening up here to Christina Aguilera which is playing on the computer 
downstairs. I have the machine running on the 'bfo' Mitsubishi which 
really has splendid colour.

Win98 and armed with network card so already on the circuit. So three 
down and two working. Cleaned the case and looked at the Colorado Backup 
but may replace with a ZIP drive.

Tomorrow I will look at the two desktop mini towers. In truth I never 
thought of these machines as retro but given they are now twenty years 
old. The computers date from the Win95 era. There is even Lotus 1-2-3 on 
the computer. Great having all the Norton utilities on hand. The days 
when software came on CD and was not web dependant. Even Win95 and Win98 
are on the CDs so haven't needed the internet all day.

Just put my big box of Windows based cards away. I can always find a 
suitable graphics card, sound card or Ethernet plus I have a bag full of 
mice with the PS/2 connector plus keyboards. As you do.

Good fun.

PS I actually have another 8 of these large towers... Seriously. I use 
them as stands for monitors. I know these others work as I test them 
regularly. One is a Windows 2000 Pro machine. Slow. Very slow.


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