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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 16th July 2017: Post: 1

The Saddest Thing


Having spent a lot of time toiling over sad computers in an effort to 
bring life back to them I reflect on the four basic scenarios you are 
faced with when pondering switching an old bit of kit on.  It really is 
a most stressful decision whether to even attempt to use something that 
has been sitting idle for some time. Maybe it is better to treat old kit 
like Schrödinger's cat.... Either alive or dead but the only certainty 
comes with looking. Anyway my four likely outcomes from switching on a 
computer. You will have your own I'm sure.

Condition 1: All is well. You switch on and the computer or electrical 
kit works without fault and runs as it always has.

Condition 2: The item works, kinda, or not, and there is a recognisable 
problem that can be fixed. The joy here is getting the kit working again.

Condition 3: The item is basically a gonner.

Condition 4: The item was working but suddenly dies and there is no real 
hope as it is beyond your ability to repair.

This is the worst scenario of all. You had something of value and you 
decided to give it a try. The item may have been working the last time 
you used it. It may even have been used continuously up to the point of 
being stored. Sadly it is as if there is but a limited window of time 
left for the kit. It was just waiting to have one last run out before 
expiring. I am truly amazed at how kit degenerates when not in use. 
Sadly that first period of usage after a long period of storage is 
critical. If you are lucky and the kit lives through the first outing it 
is likely to survive.

Unfortunately the pressure is sometimes too great and the spark that 
once was your stored joy fades away as the sad thing just dies. You may 
be lucky and be able to resurrect your treasure, but in truth sometimes 
you know its game over.  This for me is the saddest thing to deal with 
in respect of maintaining a computer collection. It in truth becomes the 
very mirror of life itself and you know that things just can't last 
forever. So the dilemma  is clear.... do we neglect, discard and or hide 
away those things we fear we might lose or do we hold them close and 
watch as they slowly age. Or maybe just never get troubled by such 
things and decide never to try to sustain that which has seen better 
days. For me the joy each day is seeing that which I do treasure spark 
into life. I know nothing is guaranteed, and I know that one day I may 
be putting away that valued item for the last time. But whilst it was 
with me I shared in its wonder and enjoyed it's time with me.

That's life.


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