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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 16th July 2017: Post: 2

IBM with a Bang


The second IBM that I fiddled with and got working by replacing the 
battery was playing up yesterday. Was hit and miss on whether the 
machine would start on the button. I unplugged and opened up and all 
looked fine. When I put the plug back in the computer came to life to 
about five seconds and then just died.

I moved the machine to a bench for a better look. Again I opened up. The 
computer is a very spacious machine and doesn't have a processor fan. In 
truth there is very little going on inside the machine. All the ribbons 
and power cables were firmly attached and really I wasn't able to detect 
any issues.

So I plugged back in and switched on the power and bang... The PSU just 
went pop. No burning smell just a very large bang. I tried again but no 
power. Tried another power lead but nothing. This isn't the first Winbox 
that I have struggled with the PSU . Not sure if I can get another PSU 
that will fit this box. I guess I can look. In truth an XP machine with 
a couple of gig hards isn't that big a deal. I have put the computer 
away. I may take another look. Not a priority.


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