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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 18th July 2017: Post: 1

Strange Monitor Issue


I have noticed lines also on another Mitsubishi. These are strange 
monitors because they were sold as truly flat screens but that is false. 
There is this very flat outer glass screen which sits just a little in 
front of the main tube. You can see the actual image surface clearly if 
you look from slightly to one side. The outer flat glass plate is the 
item that is damaged. It appears to have a thin tiny film over its whole 
surface. You also note that when you degauss or adjust anything the 
lines on the other plate are absolutely static. They are also visible 
with the monitor off. You recall I am sure the old craft fractals and 
the way the fingers spread. Well they look like that. It is as if the 
surface is crazing and then opening up and degrading. It is not on the 
front surface it is on the film behind this outer glass.

I am just surprised its not mentioned on the web anywhere. As I say I 
have other monitors of the same make but these are the only two. And its 
the same old problem. They have not been used. The one that is hooked up 
to my A4000d with the Picasso is perfect. Thing is I keep these as 
backups for if the one on the 4000d goes pop. The other is used with my 
Win98 machine. Its just so annoying again that if you leave stuff unused 
it degrades. I sense the problem has accelerated since the monitors 
warmed up and have been used all day. So strange.


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