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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 18th July 2017: Post: 2

Strange Monitor Issue


I have a large Mitsubishi CRT monitor which appears to have a fractal 
like defect in the screens outer glaze. This appears as a clear series 
of 'fractal' like marks specifically to the left hand side of the 
screen. From what I can see there would appear to be a very faint dark 
coating to the overall screen. Within that coating there are lines and 
scratch dots over a good area of the surface making the image look as 
though there are defects within the picture. It is most noticeable with 
a white image. There are also defects in the surface appearing as bubble 
like areas to the perimeter.

I have Googled the problem but cannot find any reference to it. It is 
not on the monitor tube itself as that appears to be a quarter of an 
inch behind this outer flat glass screen. The image itself is crystal 
clear, bright and very sharp and deep in black which is a good sign. The 
image is not dim. There has been no abrasion to the surface and only use 
of a proper monitor screen cleaner. The monitor has been in store a good 
while though. I have two more of these large monitors and they do not 
demonstrate any of these problems. In simple terms if you say steamed up 
a piece of glass and then scratched your fingers clearing the 
condensation in a random way that is how I would describe the affect. 
More like fractals that grow out is more like it.

I have swapped the monitor out as it really was annoying me. There are 
no surface abrasions and there is no reaction to them from touching the 
screen. I also note a faint pinkish small vertical line at time as you 
cast your eyes over the imperfection.

I do have a similar problem with an actual flat screen monitor where to 
the edges on one side there has been a general degrading of the surface 
appearing as faint bubbles  which are growing steadily. Difficult to 
explain as it is a transparent issue that is in the surface coating I 
fear to the monitor screen to provide some kind of anti glare surfacing.

If you have ever heard of the issue it would be great to find out. I 
cannot see there being any repair to the problem. However if there is a 
cause which could be avoided I would like to know as CRTs are becoming 
rare as they age and become dimmer. Difficult to replace and I do like them.

All help appreciated.


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