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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 20th July 2017: Post: 1

All the way from San Diego


Not only is this package magical in its own way but is made even more 
special given that it flew all the way from Fredrick Drive San Diego USA 
to the UK.  So what is it... Well an amazing package of goodies 
including the very excellent subLOGIC Scenery Disk ' Western European 
Tour ' for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Additionally there is Scenery 
Disk 11 of Lake Huron and Detroit in the States.

So what do you get ....

Amiga Flight Simulator II Pilots Operating Handbook and Airplane Flight 
Manual. A 125 page detailed manual which all starts at runway 27 Right 
at Oakland International Airport.
An introduction to '  Western European Tour ' with notable places of 
interest such as Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Arc de Triomphe etc.
A full airport directory of Western Europe.
The SubLOGIC scenery disk notebook offer to buy the special folder.
Various Computer Flight Newbriefs for Spring 1991.
SubLOGIC Scenery Disk Operating Handbook and Loading Instructions.
The SubLOGIC Scenery Disk folder for Disk 11 including the Flight 
Simulator Disk.
All in a beautifully coloured Scenery Disk box.

I was literally grabbing down the latest box that I was cataloguing and 
this large brown padded envelope just dropped on my head. Very heavy. 
Managed to grab it. I have to be honest and say that I probably never 
opened this up to use since the day I got it. Shame really. Must have a 
go sometime.

Seriously though, does anyone go to the trouble of creating such 
wonderful game packaging and details these days.


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