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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 24th July 2017: Post: 2

CP/M on the way


I'm a sucker for GEOS and CP/M . Can never resist Commodore disks for 
the OS. And so I just had to snaffle a buy now for the C128 CP/M disk 
today. Mine is getting a little aged I have to say so a welcome 
replacement. I have others but you can never have too much CP/M.

Wish I lived in the States sometimes. I would buy more stuff from the 
States if I didn't have such a hang-up over the safe transfer of data 
across the water. There are always bags of disks for the Atari but the 
postage price is crazy bonkers. Also there are always Super Expanders 
for the C64 but again its the postage that kills it for me. Its not the 
fact that Ebay would refund if the item didn't arrive its the knowing it 
may have got lost in transit. Dunno. Maybe.

Both early Commodore and Atari are way more popular in the States than 
in the UK. You have to get to the Amiga era before you start to pick up 
on the frequent kit.


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