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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 25th July 2017: Post: 1

The End of MS Paint


MS to retire Paint. So do I care. Not really. Never used the thing. I 
sometimes paste into it to save the odd screen image but that is about 
it. I have always preferred other paint packages and with Photoshop on 
hand I just cannot think of a reason to even fire the thing up. Slowly 
slowly MS are killing off all their old branded software in the hope I 
guess folk will shell out money to buy other stuff from them. No idea. 
There are like a gazillion paint packages around anyway so it really is 
no great loss. In truth it was never very good anyway. Maybe a contender 
for Room 101.

Other items removed or being removed Windows Media Centre. No DVD 
player. The loss of configuring Windows Update for home users.  The 
removal of Desktop Gadgets. Windows virtual PC has gone. Windows Live 
Essentials have gone... Live Mail and Movie Maker. Minesweeper and 
Solitaire plus Hearts have gone but you can buy them.

I'm kinda glad I have older Windows machines that are not on the 
internet so if necessary I can run still some of these things.  My 
problem with Windows 10 if I ever get to use the thing will be the 
validating of the mail so some of these store items become available to 
me. I still have no idea how I get over the problem. Fortunately I don't 
need to use the Windows 10 machine. Fingers crossed it stays that way.


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