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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 26th July 2017: Post: 3

C64 Problem

Well Jaeson I opened her up and was amazed as to just how clean the 
inside was. This unit has silver cardboard shield and not the metal 
type. There was no thermal goo or paste on any chips. All was fine. I 
then pressed down on all the socketed chips and they creaked very nicely 
tight into their sockets.

Fastened back the three screws and fired up and like magic she worked. 
Switched off and back on and she came up straight away. No problem. All 
as good as new. Incredible to see the fuse on the main board. So simple 
and very helpful.

Many thanks.... Back to playing Vital Light on the A1200. I have this 
brown A1200. No doubt very pale cream white in her original state but 
has discoloured to the point of being brown. The floppy drive makes such 
a racket. The machine has a 40mb hard drive and I was using the computer 
to check out some old dodgy disks. Found Vital Light and got hooked so 
that's all I've been doing tonight.

I took some pictures of the C64 and may put them on the website tomorrow.


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