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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 27th July 2017: Post: 1

C64 Problem


As promised a few images of the C64 internals .....

I have moved the one Commodore C64 to a new location and hooked up to a 
1081 monitor off a SCART. I also connected a 1541 floppy disk drive and 
the computer is working without issue. Amazing really. I should say I am 
using the second of the C64s, the one that I swapped over the keyboard.

Odd way to format disks on the 1541. Just for reference it is ....

OPEN 15,8,15
PRINT#15, "NEW0:name,01"

Name is the name of the disk if you want to label it.

The type of 5.25" disk used is a Fuji Film MD2D Double Sided Double 
Density 48TPI/40Tracks with Super Metallic Hub Ring Super HR.

I de-crunched those images by reducing the jpg quality using Thumbs to 
60% for the full high quality versions that are like over 500mb in size 
then go ahead and click these. Not really much difference.

HQ Versions of same images:

Camera used is a Canon PowerShot G7


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