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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2017

Entry 30th July 2017: Post: 1

All around the 1.3s


Having a bag of fun on my A500 mucking around with old games. Thinks 
it's all I did yesterday.  Anyway late yesterday as the heavens opened 
and the thunder clapped I decided to try and dig out that 1.3.2 update 
disk that Greg Donner was talking about. Eventually found it on Amiga 
Computing December 1989 Official Workbench Upgrade.

Having read all the warnings and descriptions etc I tried to update a 
1.3 disk. Sadly it just didn't work. I placed the 1.3 disk in the drive 
and then swapped as requested. It advised of what was going on and 
didn't indicate an error, but nothing happened in the end. So odd.

I then resorted to searching the disks I have and found a 1.3.2 disk. 
Fired up and for some reason it appears to have been customised with a 
strange mouse icon. Next I found a copy of the 1.3 official disk with a 
sticker on it that said 1.3.2 updated to Workbench 34.28. When I put it 
in the drive someone has overwritten it with Workbench 3.0. Never mind. 
I then found a disk from my Checkmate collection which actually said on 
the label that it had been updated with the cover-disk upgrade. Sadly 
also there were numerous files on their used by the guy who owned the 

I was set to give up when I flipped open my Workbench disk box that 
actually sits directly in front of the A500 that I'm using and there 
inside was an A500 A2000 version of 1.3.2 - 34.28. I quickly copied the 
disk and placed it in the box of goodies for this machine. Hadn't 
realised that 1.3.2. was going to be that much of a mystery. What is 
more of a mystery is that the A500 says its 1.3.2. but the 'trashcan' is 
the old version..... Go figure.

Major enhancements:

Improved stability
FFS can handle hard disks up to 2.5GB (old limit was 308MB)
Better support of the printer.device for "multi pass" printers
Bugs fixed in commands Setpatch, LoadWB, Format, NoFastMem, FastMemFirst 
and CMD, as well as info.library, serial.device and printer.device

Hidden messages: same as Workbench 1.3, plus:

The following message appears, while the of a disk which has 
been inserted is read and one of the above key combinations is pressed: 
(WB 1.3D, v34.28): "Still a Champion"


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