Commodore Amiga Retro

So you bought an A600

What next ?

Breaking up is hard to do ?


A sad new arrival at the Amiga Workshop in the form
of an A600HD with busted hard-drive and broken keyboard

Amazingly after all these years the Commodore seals
are still intact. Shame to break the seal really

First revelation is the ribbon connector to the hard-drive
which takes the form of a mass of connecting wires. All very
dusty in here and first thing I did was give the circuits
a thorough blow through

Next up was the removal of the cradle and the current

I then swapped out the keyboard for a cleaner, newer one
and took the time to clean the existing casing. Very dirty !

I decided to retain the existing connector and strapped
on an 80MB hard drive that I recently removed from an
A1200. The size of hard-drive was a risk with this
kickstart, but I decided to have a go

And all went according to plan. I fired up the A600 with
the 2.05 Workbench disk in the drive, and it recognised the
hard-drive immediately. So I formatted both partitions and without
even switching the machine off, copied the contents of the
2.05 Workbench disk to the System ( Workbench ) partition.
I had flipped in the Installer disk and relabelled the Workbench
partition to Workbench2.0 and checked the `Bootable` option

I then restarted the Amiga A600 and all worked fine.

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