Commodore Amiga Retro

So you bought an A500Plus

What next ?

Why isn`t she working

This was a nice box of goodies purchased off
the Bay. Two Amigas, one an A1200 and the other
an A500. Both sold as faulty. The box came with the
remnants of an A1200 Desktop Dynamite pack, with
games and manuals. The Workbench disks were, however
from an early A500. But the machine was no A500, it was
an A500Plus. Also, the disks were not the Commodore
green label release. Strange.

In addition to the A1200 and the A500Plus there were
two power units of the heavy duty brick weight. ( useful )

The A1200 simply had a busted floppy drive. This was
replaced and a hard drive added. I also fitted a 4MB RAM
PCMCIA card to see if the slot was working. All was fine
and this is a very clean machine

Click on the image for the full horror
For a super close up click here

Sadly I was not so lucky with the A500Plus which had
suffered quite extensive battery damage. The Plus carries
the clock battery, unlike the A500

If you study the image you will see the green corrosion
to circuits and chips, most evident on legs. The battery is
the blue barrel shaped object and labelled battery

Click on the image for close up details
For a super close up click here

I cut the battery from the motherboard. A bit drastic
you might think, but the damage has been done. Let`s get
the battery out the way. I cleaned the motherboard with
vinegar and dried thoroughly. I also replaced the floppy
drive. But sadly this little baby is dead. Ar hum.
I will use the machine for spare parts


For those interested, this is what a healthy battery looks like

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