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Commodore Amiga 4000T

A4000 A4000 A4000 A4000

A4000 A4000 A4000 A4000

Disk Module

GX 211-VO9536 A4000T Disk Module Rev 1

A spare case for the A4000T

A4000T A4000T A4000T A4000T

The A4000T Specification

Central Processing Unit: MC68060 49.9 MHz (rev 1)
1 WarpUP Processor(s): PPC 604e 200 MHz (rev 2.4), 66 MHz busclock
Floating Point Unit: 68060fpu 49.9 MHz
Memory Management Unit: 68060mmu running
Custom graphics chip: AGA Lisa 4203 (rev 0)
Custom animation chip: AGA PAL Alice 8374 2M (rev 3-4)
Other custom chip(s): Paula 8364 (rev 0), Ramsey (rev 15), Gary (rev 0)
Graphics system: Picasso96
Graphics board(s): Picasso IV [Paloma Concierto]
Soundcard(s): Concierto
Hardware Clock: clock + battmem found, sunday 21-apr-2002 18:38:28
Max. Chipmem available: 2048 K
Max. Fastmem available: 130048 K
ROM chip version: 45.20 (Kickstart 3.9)
Workbench version: 45.3 (Workbench 3.9)
SetPatch version: 44.38
Expansion board(s):
5001/6: individual Computers/VMC HyperCOM Z4 (@$00E90000 64k)
4626/23: individual Computers X-Surf (@$00EA0000 64k)
2167/24: Village Tronic Picasso IV (@$40000000 32M)
8512/100: Phase 5 Digital Products CyberStorm PPC/MK III SCSI
(@$00F01060 128k)
Cyberstorm PPC serial #: DCC0270

She's Alive ! A4000T Images

return of the A4000T return of the A4000T return of the A4000T return of the A4000T

return of the A4000T return of the A4000T return of the A4000T return of the A4000T

The camera can`t capture the tiny fans going
round, but believe me they are... whoo hoo !!!

A4000T returns from the dead

Some two year ago now ( maybe longer ) I was tempted by a
guy on Amibench to buy his A4000T. Cost me over 700 and
a whole Sunday travelling North to pick up the computer
On my return it didn`t work. The fan was not working to
the PPC and I feared the worse. I have tried on numerous
occasions to try and get the computer working. I seemed
to spend months on the forums asking what I could do. In
the end I decided that it was busted and I started to
reuse some of the kit.....

We move to today ( or yesterday ) Having determined that
there was a busted floppy I decided to buy a replacement
and have one last go. I also pondered over the jumper
settings, and have by my side here the bit of paper that
started this whole latest adventure off on its tumble.
I realised that to get the Cyberstorm MKII working on the
4000T as an alternative to the PPC I needed to change
jumpers 100 and 104. So I dragged the sad old A4000T to
the workbench and did just that.

Nothing... I mean nothing. And then when I was just about to
remove the card I noticed the ribbon connector was looking
dodgy to the floppy. It literally fell apart in my hand..
And then there was a click and the boot screen appeared on
the screen... I near collapsed. Shock. I quickly grabbed a
spare floppy and ribbon and managed to retain the boot screen.
It then died again. I messed around a bit with the processor
connector and then I got a purple screen... Then a green
screen and eventually the actual boot screen. Then off again.
I played even more until it was stable.. I rushed up here
and copied the A4000T boot disk and paused with my heart
in my mouth... And amazingly the machine booted.. I was using
an old 1080 monitor. My heart was racing and I got very
excited... I got to thinking whether the Cyberstorm PPC
had actaully burnt out, or was it the floppy...

Anyway I installed the CyberstormPPC and to my amazement
the card sprung to life along with the small fan that had
been dormant since day one... The machine booted. No
hard drive... So I thought this was dead.... Then I fiddled
with the connector and it too came to life. It was as if the
A4000T was rising from a coma. I installed the PicassoIV
and Concierto and connected the PC monitor. The machine
booted into the OS3.9 and I was greeted by the OS3.9 logo.
Next up I refitted the X-Surf and Hypercom card. Using
SysInfo the speed went off the chart...

' SHE WAS ALIVE ' And another Amiga returns from the dead.

Was I shocked ? Yup.. My goodness. Words could not explain
how I felt... This has been without doubt the best ever
Amiga weekend of my life. The computer is still running
as it has since I first got her working.. You have to
celebrate. My oh my... There is an Amiga god.

Keep the Faith

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