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Disk Utilities

Byte n Back CrossDOS CrossDOS XCOPY

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Disk Copying Disk Copying

Action Replay

Utils QuarterBack VirusKiller disk expander

Disk Salvage ~ Virus Checker

Syncro Express X-Copy X-Copy copy interface

Datel action replay Video backup Bootblocker

Disk Copying Utilities

Amiga Syncro Express II Datel Electronics

Syncro Express is a high speed floppy disk backup
system for the Amiga Computer. Data is transferred
directly from source to target using the Syncro
Express Interface producing a copy in as little
as 50 seconds.

The system requires an external 3.5" disk drive which
is connected via the Syncro Express interface provided
COPYRIGHT... Datel Electronics neither condones or
authorises the sue of it`s products fro the reproduction
of copyright material


Like Syncro Express X-Copy is a useful backup facility
that utilises a dongle interface. X-Copy is superior
in so much that it also has many useful features built in,
such as disk format, disk sector checks and boot virus
checks. Created by Cachet and released through Siren
Software, it cost around 39.99 in its day. Within the
package you received X-Copy , together with other useful
applications like X-Lent, X-It and Cyclone.

Additionally there is a small 'dongle' which is plugged
between the computer and external drive. This is required
by Cyclone, and enables any disk to be backed up. This
is very useful for backing up protected software.

Disk Utilities

Lock Pick
Copy Disk
Marauder II
Disk Copier Utilities
X-Copy 6.4
Workbench Hacks

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