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A500 Plus A500 Plus

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A500 Plus A500 Plus A500 Plus A500 Plus

Recent success raising a machine from the dead

Battery Warning

A500+ A500+

If you have an A500+ in store then you probably
have a leaking battery. Best bet is to remove it

A500 Plus A500 Plus A500 Plus A500 Plus

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My latest Plus'


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A500 Plus Model

CPU Motorola 68000, 16 Bit
Clock Speed 7.16 NTSC; 7.09 PAL MHz
Coprocessor Multi-chip coprocessor system for DMA video
graphics and sound
Memory 1 MB RAM standard, expandable with optional
A501 plus to 2 MB RAM internally; maximum RAM expamsion is 10 MB
ROM 512 KB
Interfaces External: Keyboard, floppy disk, Mouse/Joystick
Serial [RS232, PC-compatible], Parallel [Centronics PC-compatible
Video [DB23 15 KHz: RGB analog], Stereo Audio
Keyboard Integral 94 keys International
Disk Drives Standard: built-in 3.5 inch floppy drive
(Capacity: 880 KB fromatted)
External Disk Drives One optional Amiga-compatible
Video Display Complies with North America: RGB NTSC
International: RGB PAL 4096 Colours
Environmental Specification Operating 0-45 degC
Sound 4 Independant sound channels configured to
two stereo channels
Text-to-speech conversion Built-in.
Clock/Calendar Built battery back-up
with A501 RAM expansion card
System Software Multitasking; includes AmigaDOS
Workbench and various utilities

Power Supply Switching 37.5 watts

68000 Microprocessor

The central processing unit of the A500 Series is a Motorola
68000 microprocessor running at clock speed of 7 megahertz
[MHz]. (Clock speed given in MHz is one measure of how fast
a computer`s microprocessor can perform tasks,)

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