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Commodore A1200

My collection of Amiga A1200's

I currently own 25 of these babies..
Man is this page out of date

sue atx tank daniella emma moot

Sue | ATX | Tank | Daniella | Emma | Moot

terai the Lady magicman chantel A500 wingman

Terai | The Lady | Magicman | Chantel | A500 | Wingman

Sir Prize Spike unfinished business

Sir Prize | Spike | Unfinished Business

emma emma emma emma

terai Chantel Chantel A500

On the face of it the 15 A1200's I have all look the same.
Not so ... Because under the hood they are all pretty
different, as demonstrated by Amigas Emma, Terai, Chantel
and A500 above.... There is a reason for the names, by the way.

Spike's New Hard Drive

enclosure enclosure

The Very First


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