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Commodore Amiga 1000

Three Amiga 1000s join the collection. Two in the original
Amiga 'TICK' boxes and another in a Commodore 'Blue-Red' box

Amiga 1000

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Amiga 1000 Amiga 1000 Amiga 1000 Amiga 1000

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Amiga 1000 Amiga 1000 Amiga 1000

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My mint boxed Amiga 1000 shipped all the way from Canada

A1000 A1000 A1000 A1000

A1000 A1000 A1000 A1000

A1000 A1000

a1000 a1000 a1000 a1000

a1000 a1000 a1000 a1000

A1000 compared in size and design to C128d-metal

Side Expansion

expansion expansion


Amiga 1050

1050 1050 1050

Amiga 1010

1010 1010 1010

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1010 1010

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Amiga 1000

Processor : Motorola 68000 7.14mhz (less than 1 mips) 
Custom Chips (3): Portia, Daphne and a dual inline 
40 Pin 1/2 meg Agnus. 
RAM : 256k Ram(*) / 512k Maximum chip ram(*2) 
HD : Optional 20mb 
FD : 1 3'1/2" - 880kb


The first ever Amiga released in 1985. Features include
preemptive multitasking, coloured graphical user interface 
and stereo sound.

68000 @ 7-14 MHz 
68020 @ 7-20 MHz 
68030 @ 14-50 MHz

The computer has a socketed 68000 @ 7.09 MHz (PAL) 
or 7.16 MHz (NTSC). To upgrade the processor requires 
the use of a processor board. Quite a number of the
boards designed for the A500 work on the A1000, 
whether connected to the side expansion port or 
to the 68000 socket.

256 kB Kickstart RAM (Writable Control Store) 
up to 1 MB Chip RAM 
up to 32 MB Fast RAM on processor cards 
up to 8 MB Fast RAM on side expansion cards

The A1000 comes with 256 kB Chip RAM soldered on to its 
motherboard. This can be expanded to 512 kB with a memory 
expansion card. Chip RAM can be expanded to 1 MB with 
third party expansions like the Rejuvenator. 

Fast RAM can be added either via the side expansion 
connector or via processor boards.

Custom chips
Agnus - OCS display controller 
Denise - OCS graphics coprocessor 
Paula - audio and I/O controller 
Gary - system address decoder

Supported screen modes 
 Low High   
PAL non-interlaced
PAL interlaced
NTSC non-interlaced
NTSC interlaced 320256
320400 640256
640400 50 Hz, 15.60 kHz
50 Hz, 15.60 kHz
60 Hz, 15.72 kHz
60 Hz, 15.72 kHz 
  Supported palettes 
Low High 
32 / 4096
64 (EHB)
4096 (HAM) 16 / 4096 

The A1000 supports either PAL or NTSC screen modes, though
not both. The Low resolution screen modes offer up to 32 
colours from a palette of 4096, and 4096 in HAM mode. 
High resolution screen modes offer 16 colours from 4096. 
4 channel stereo 8 bit audio output with frequencies up 
to 28 kHz.

Expansion slots
1 side expansion slot

The Amiga 1000 has the same 86 pin connector as the one 
later utilized for the A500. Whilst many A500 expansion 
boards work with the Amiga 1000 it must be remebered that
the units are a different way round with its port on the front.

1 serial DB25 female, RS232 
1 parallel DB25 male, Centronics 
1 video DB23 male, analog RGB 
1 composite, RCA jack 
2 mouse/game DB9 male 
2 stereo audio RCA jacks 
1 keyboard RJ12 
1 external floppy DB23 female 
1 internal floppy 34 pin header

The floppy drive controller supports up to four devices. 
One can be attached to the internal floppy header and 
three connected to the external floppy port. Both double 
and high density disk drives are supported. An 880 kB 
double density floppy disk drive is built into the A1000.

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