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Creating a Self Booting Disk

Just how do you do that ?

Question ?

Can you explain how I can make a self-booting disk ?

Answer .... [ without the use of a hard drive ]

Format a new disk ;format a new disk
Install your disk ;put a bootblock on the disk
MakeDir NewDisk:S ;call your self-booting disk NewDisk
MakeDir NewDisk:C
MakeDir NewDisk:DEVS
MakeDir NewDisk:LIBS
MakeDir NewDisk:L

And then make a script file called 'Startup-Sequence'
and in that script there should be something like this..

Echo "This is an auto-booting disk"
Assign T: Ram:
Assign ENV; Ram:
Endcli >NIL:

SO... to make a simple disk that will boot the workbench
using just one drive you will need to copy some files
to Ram :

Copy sys:c/LoadWB to Ram:
Copy sys:c/EndCli to Ram:
Copy sys:c/MakeDir to Ram:
Copy sys:c/Copy to Ram:
Copy sys:c/Install to Ram:
Copy sys:libs/icon.library to Ram:

Now change CD to Ram:

1>CD Ram:

Type the next eight lines in exactly one after the other
(Please don't type in the ( 1> ) this is the prompt,
you type everything after this..

Put your NewDisk in DF0:

1>Copy Ram:LoadWB to NewDisk:c
1>Copy Ram:EndCli to NewDisk:c
1>Copy Ram:MakeDir to NewDisk:c
1>Copy Ram:Copy to NewDisk:c
1>Copy Ram:Install to NewDisk:c
1>Copy Ram:icon.libary to NewDisk:libs

Put AmigaDOS ( Workbench ) disk in Drive DF0: and type in :-

1>CD DF0:
1>Ed NewDisk:s/startup-sequence

When ED is running type the next five lines exactly.
When you have typed the five lines in. press the
ESC, x and the RETURN key, you will be asked to put
NewDisk: in your drive, put your NewDisk in the
drive and it will save your startup-sequence script
to your NewDisk in the s: directory

Echo "This is a auto-booting disk"
Assign T: Ram:
Assign ENV: Ram:
EncCli >Nil:

And that is that.

One final point...

Question ? How do I put a boot block on a disk ?

Answer: At the SHELL type in Install DF0:
And that is all you need to do.

Don't forget to label your disk NewDisk:

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