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Please remember that text for pages was originally
written for my Amiga 1200 to read... so thin paragraphs

A4000D Processor Board

Changing the board from the 030 to the 040

A4000D A4000D

Base A4000D with scandoubler, ZIP and CDTV keyboard

A4000D A4000D

The aim here to add a Piccolo graphics card.. but first
Speed check shows the machine too be very slow at 030

A4000D A4000D

Enter the replacement processor board. This 040 board is
being removed from this A4000D with battery damage

A4000D A4000D

Removing the daughter board is the best option to
gain access to the processor board.

A4000D A4000D

It will be necessary to remove two of the support pins
and fix these to the motherboard on the 030 A4000
Note the jumper J100 which needs to be set 2-3 External

A4000D A4000D

Having removed the 3640, attention is turned to the
030 machine which requires the basic board removed and
the support pins added

A4000D A4000D

In addition to adding the two pins you will need to
set the jumper at J100 Clock90 source to 2-3 External 040
Also Jumper at J104 CPU clock source to 2-3 External
I also changed Jumper at J151 to 1-2 200NS


Having done this just re-assemble the machine and all
should be fine..... Note the GVP SCSI controller

More on this later

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