Commodore Amiga Retro

So you bought an A1200

So whots up ?

A new day

Drive light and floppy on

But nothing else

a1200 a1200 a1200 a1200

Symptoms.. floppy drive light on and power, but no activity
Cracked case to find floppy power not connected. Also
the machine had been modded to take the 3.5" larger IDE

a1200 a1200 a1200 a1200

Managed to get a boot screen by stripping down to motherboard.
However floppy not working. So decided to take the motherboard
out and test naked.... Using my trusty set of every workbench disk

a1200 a1200 a1200 a1200

Managed to track down the problem to a blown CIA which I
guess was caused by hot swapping the connectors on the
back of the machine whilst powered on. The mouse has no
up and down movement sadly. New motherboard required.
And so this becomes a future project.

Wasn`t all a failure. I managed to get the floppy drive
working, and a hard drive fitted. Just the mouse not working

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