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12th June 2005 additions

New Arrivals New Arrivals New Arrivals New Arrivals

Commodore C128d plastic
Commodore C128 green screen monitor
WIZ - Melbourne House 5.2" game
Doc the Destroyer - Melbourne House 5.2" game
Commodore 1541 5.2" floppy drive.
Amiga 1011 floppy drive.
Amiga Format Cover Disk 5 Ghostbusters II
Amiga Format Disk 27 Arcade Classics
Sorcery - The Gang of Five
Mini Office - Commodore 64
GEOS Users Guide Version 1.3
GEOS Users Manual and Disks
Hostages - Infogrames
Commodore 64 Forth+ John Jones Steele
Commodore Disk 1541 Manual
Risk Game - Gang of Five
Advanced Amiga BASIC - Tom R Halfill and Charles Brannon
Music Mouse - Dr T's
Box New 3M 5.25" diskettes
1551/1541 Test Demo Diskette
Commodore Disk User VOL 1 No 5
Sixty Programs for the C64 - Robert Erskine
CU Amiga July 93 plus cover disks
Amiga Format Issue 19 Feb 1991
Amiga Format Issue 39 Oct 1992
Crazy Cars 3 - Tutus
Dragon's Lair Escape from Singe's Castle - Bluth Group
Pack of 3 ( 30 in total ) SKC 5.25" DSDD floppy diskettes
MS-DOS 5.0 upgrade
The Simsons Bart Vs the Space Mutants - Acclaim
64 Supersoft Bisicalc
Deluxe Print II - Electronic Arts
Immation 3M 10 8" Diskettes
Amiga Format Special Edition 2
Amiga Format Issue 32 Mar 1992
Amiga Format Issue 33 Apr 1992
Amiga Format Issue 34 May 1992
Amiga Format Issue 51 Oct 1993
Amiga Format Issue 55 Jan 1994
Locoscript PC for the Amstrad 1640
Vidi Amiga and Video Colour Splitter - Rombo
Amstrad 3 button mouse and interface
Commodore 1084 user manual
Retro Gamer Issue 11 and CD
Microsoft MS-DOS 1988 including GW-BASIC
KCS PowerPC Board for the A500
Microsoft Workgroup Add-On for Windows
Microsoft Windows for DOS systems.
Microsoft Windows 95 on floppy disk
Microsoft Office on floppy disk.
Concise Users Guide to MS-DOS
MAC monitor
SuperNintendo in carrying case.
More Michael Turner comics - Witchblade, Fathom.

Retro Mag

The scuzz collection welcomes...
9th May 2005 additions

A5000 A7000 310 800XL

1040 ST Husky Hunter Mac Sharp

HX-10 Kit DDI-1 magazines GEOS


A4000D motherboard

3.1 Amiga Developers Update Disks 1 to 5
Docs, Include & Libs, Examples 1, Examples 2
and Software Toolkit 3. Including Instructions,
Contents, Autodocs, Tutorials, Include Files, Libs,
FDs, Setpatch, Tools, Libraries, Compatibility
PCMCIA, IFF Data Types, AmigaGuide, Tools
for Debugging and Development..All Copyright
1985-93 Commodore Amiga Inc.

ISO 9660 Tools V1.04x June 93
CDGS Support 40.60 Oct 93
CDXL Tool Kit Sound on Sound v1.1
CDXL Toolkit Disk 2
150 Amiga disks including OS3.0 and OS2.5
30 or so Amiga Format Magazines from issue 4
PageStream - Softlogik
Amiga Trojan Light Pen

Ceasar - Impressions
Pirates - Microprose
Rick Dangerous -Firebird
Eye of Horus - Logotron


Computers Kids and the Amiga
AmigaDOS 2

Vidi Amiga Real Time Frame Grabber


Geowrite Workshop 128 Boxed and unopened
Including geoWrite 2.1, geoMerge, geoLaser
and Text Grabber.

5.25" Games disks
World Cup Soccer - Sharedata
Lancelot - Datasoft
Gamma Force - Infocom
3D Pool - Kixx
Turbo Trax - Arcane

Commodore C64 Communication Modem
Commodore 64 Making Basic Work
CBasic Compiler - Ref Manual
CBasic Compiler - Graphics Guide
Zzap64 - Aug 88


Atari 2600 Junior console system complete
with all cables, joystick, controllers and the
following cartridges

Pole Position
Yars' Revenge
Strategy X
Return of the Jedi
Dig Dug
MS Pac Man
Super Breakout
Space Invaders
Solar Storm

Atari 1040ST boxed plus software and manuals

Atari 800XL plus 1010 casette unit


Norton Utilities in readiness for big switch on.
Power Macintosh Computer 6100/60 Power PC
Video adaptor


61 Top Cow Tomb Raider comics
featuring the works of Michael Turner
Tomb Raider - Fathom - Witchblade

Best Shots - Dead or Alive Book ( thick ) Japanese import


Amstrad CPC6128 computer with GT65 green
screen monitor plus all the following:

CBasic 3" Disk Source Code and Object Code
CP/M Plus 3" CF2
C Basic Compiler V2.0 3" CF2
Dr Logo 3" CF2
The Arnor C Programming Language 3" CF2
Mini Office 2 Boxed 3" CF2
Arnor C Compiler, Linker and Editor Manual
Amstrad DMP 2000 User Instructions
Protext boxed 3" CF2 disk and manual
Amstrad CPC 6128 Manual
Digital Research CBasic Ref Manual
Digital Research CBasic Compiler and Graphics Guide

Amstrad DDI-1 external 3" drive unit


A boxed Toshiba HX10-Kit complete
with MSX Home Computer and Data Recorder.
This was the special boxed version that contained
the other boxes inside. In essence the complete
Toshiba HX10 package. And it is all in great

Toshiba Home Computer Basic Ref Manual

Another MSX HX-10 plus HX-C810 casette player
Three boxed Mitsubishi joysticks
One Toshiba MSX joystick
Mitsubishi ML-580 computer and casette unit

Manic Miner - sealed


Sharp PC 7221 computer


A7000 computer
Archimedes 310ARM RiscOS2 computer
A5000 plus monitor and keyboard
2 Acorn three button mice


Husky Hunter computer


4.3GB hard drive

And not forgetting my Lara Croft Mouse Matt

The scuzz collection welcomes...
26th March 2005 additions

a690 Atari 520 Spectrum 16K Tomb Raider

A690 CDRom drive for the A500
Boxed Atari 520 STFM
Sinclair Spectrum 16K
Disk Revealed - C64 Tools - Supersoft
Pro-Midi Interface - Microdeal
Nighthawk F-117A - Microprose
Coala - Empire
C64 Video monitor cable
Large batch of Tomb Raider magazines

A slight change of direction in terms of collecting
this month as I embark on building a large collection
of comics... This month ' Tomb Raider' by Top Cow

The scuzz collection welcomes...
14th March 2005 additions

a600HD boxed scanner games wb disks

Amiga 600HD boxed
3.1 ROMS
Workbench Disks 2.05
Workbench Disks 2.04
DOpus Version 4 plus manual
Power Computing scanner boxed
Amiga Applications - Bryan Flynn
Flight of the Amazon Queen - Binary Illusions
Using Arexx on the Amiga - Zamara and Sullivan
AmigaDOS Inside and Out - Abacus
Zeewolf - Asylum
Alphasoft - Software Database and Spreadsheet
Art of Chess - Spa
Digital Sound Samples - No 1 and No2
Pegger - JPEG Image Compression
Mark Smiddy's Little Blue Workbench Book
Mastering Amiga AMOS - Phil South
Big Box of Amiga disks
2 new IDE hard drives for Amiga Tower
IDE ZIP Amiga Tower
Samsung CD Amiga Tower
Sega Master System II boxed
SNES boxed
Gameboy Color

The scuzz collection welcomes...
29th January 2005 additions

C64G mps1270a CU

Commodore C64G computer
Commodore MPS 1270A Laserjet printer
STFax v3.8 Active Technologies
Deluxe Photolab - Digital Creations
Superbase Personal - Precision Software
Roll'em - Designer Minds
Video Director - Gold Disk
Mastering Amiga Beginners - Phil South
Mastering Amiga C - Paul Overaa
Mastering Amiga DOS 2 - Smith Smiddy
Amiga for Beginners - Christian Spannik
Machine Language for the C64 - First Publishing
Input Volumes 1 and 2 - Marshall Cavendish
Stereo Master - Microdeal
Acorn Electron Computer
Bell and Howell tape deck
FirstByte - Switched Joystick Interface
Acorn Electron User Guide
Me and My Micro - Fred Harris
Practical Things to do with a Microcomputer - J Tatchell
Start Programming with the Electron - Masoud Yazdani
Acorn Desk Diary
Acorn Sphinx Adventure
Acorn Boxer
Acorn Snapper
Acorn Starship Commander
Acorn Introductory Cassette
Survivors - Atlantis
Panik - Atlantis
Felix in the Factory - Program Power
Alien Break In - Romik
Anarchy Zone - Atlantis
First Byte S J - Interface casette
The Golden Figurine - Atlantis
Bird Strike - Firebird
Thrust - Superior Software
Educational 2 - Golem
Steve Davis Snooker - Blue Ribbon
Amstrad 6128 mouse interface
ZXSpectrum+3 Manuals
66 CU Amiga Magazines, cover disks and Cds
26 Amiga Computing mags and cover disks

The scuzz collection welcomes...
15th January 2005 additions

a600 toshiba a2000hd

Amiga 2000HD with A2094 controller
Manual for Additions for the Amiga 2094
A2000/A500 Amiga Basic
A2000 manual
Amiga 2090 Hard Disk/SCSI Controller User Guide
AWEB-II User Guide and disks
The Essential Directory Opus Version 4 Large boxed binder
A2000 keyboard and mouse
Amiga 2094 Hard Disk Software
MagicCX software
Amiga Vision binder and software
Amiga Vision tutorial disks
Deluxe Music Construction Set
Workbench 1.3 plus extras
A600 computer
Workbench 2.05 disks
Toshiba MSX HX-10 boxed
MSX Teach yourself BASIC
MSX Checkmate
MSX Breakout
MSX HX-10 Owners Manual
MSX Basic Reference Manual
Expand the Toshiba HX-10
A guide to 200 MSX software titles
Getting the best from your MSX
Amiga Basic Inside and Out - Abacus
Deluxe Paint II manual
Deluxe Paint III manual
ZX Spectrum +2 manual
Boxed Morph Plus software and binder
Lost Patrol Ocean
Total Recall Ocean
Shadoworlds Krisalis
B17 Flying Fortress Micropose
Transwrite boxed Gold Disk
Using the Amiga Workbench
Complete Amiga C
A500 User's Manual
Amiga Assembler - Paul Overaa
Amiga Enhancer Software
The Working Commodore C16 - David Lawrence
Amiga Game Makers Manual - Stephen Hill
Sim City and Terrain Editor
Blues Brothers
LED display for the A1200

Its a good thing I decided to slow down a bit.
The floors are definitely starting to creak.

The scuzz collection welcomes...
18th December 2004 additions

This was the month that wasn`t... in so much
that it wasn`t a truly retro month. Instead all
of my computer funds went into rebuilding my Win98
machine which had a major collapse. Suffice to say all
is now fine and the Amiga goodies are again starting
to trickle through the system...

CU Amiga

This months additions...
Large collection of CU Amiga magazines
50 CU Amiga cover disks
Aliens 3
Making Music on the Amiga ~ Abacus
ZX Spectrum Microdrive and Interface 1 manual
Dreamcast gun boxed
Dreamcast VMU

The scuzz collection welcomes...
21st November 2004 additions

a1500 1512_hd20 enclosure 1701

Deep breath

Amiga 1500 in original box
1084s Commodore monitor
1084s Commodore monitor ( No 2 )
SCSI hard drive enclosure
Commodore 1701 monitor
A500 Ramcard
30 or so cover disks
Amstrad PC1512-HD20 plus monitor
The Works - Platinum Edition
Hillsea Lido - Vulcan
Goldfish CD
Aminet 5 CD
Euroscene 1 CD
Pandora's CD
Weird Science Multimedia Toolkit
Amiga CD No 2
Prima Shareware Vol 1
50 Shareware disks
A600 replacement keyboard
3 Commodore Force magazines
Commodore Format magazine
CU Amiga magazines
Dragon 32 computer plus games and cartridge
Amiga FunSchool 1 and 3
Commodore 1701 user manual
Commodore 2031 user manual
Amstrad PC1512 user manuals
Programming the 6502 - Rodnay Zaks
The Working Commodore 64 - David Lawrence
Superbase The Book - Dr Bruce Hunt
Basic Lightning - Oasis
Wordstar for the 1512
... and a HPDeskjet 500 printer

A big thankyou to Fred W

The scuzz collection welcomes...
14th November 2004 additions

amiga books amiga books

Amiga Textcraft
AmigaDOS by Mark Burgess
The AmigaDOS manual
AmigaDOS Reference Guide
A dozen or so CU Amiga magazines
Ditto that but Amiga Format
Quantum Trailblazer SCSI hard drive
2.1 GB SCSI hard drive
Empire Soccer ~ Empire
Sensible Soccer ~ Sensible
Dragon 32 computer
Boxed Amstrad CTM 644 monitor
Scart cable for the Spectrum +3

The scuzz collection welcomes...
2nd November 2004 additions

Tricky this week cus there are just so many additional
items that came with computers that I`ll just list out
the main headings.... here we go


Boxed Amiga 1000
Boxed Einstein computer
Boxed MSX HX-10
Two Dragon 32s
Amstrad 6128
Three CPC464s
A CTM644 and GS65 Amstrad monitor
Amstrad PC1512 computer
Acorn Electron computer
Spectrum+ 128
Binatone datacorder
CPC6128 and 464 manuals
CPC464 Plus computer
A600 motherboard
Tons of games and books

I think that will do wouldn`t you say

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