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Commodore C64

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Commodore C64

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Commodore C64

Memory 64K RAM
ROM 20K ROM Standard (includes operating system and
BASIC interpreter)
Microprocessor 6510A Microprocessor - 1.02 MHz clock
Compatible with the 6502
Display 40 Columns X 25 lines of text
Colors 16 Background, border and character colors
Characters Upper & lower case letters, numerals and symbols
Reverse characters All PET graphic characters
Display modes Text characters * High resolution graphics
Resolution 320 X 200 Pixels
Sprites 8 independent sprites. Each consists of
24 X 21 pixels and up to 4 colors. Each independently expandable
horizontally and vertically. Collision detection for sprite to
sprite and data to sprite collisions
Sound 6581 Sound Interface Device includes 3 independent
tone generators - each with 9 octaves
Each voice includes programmable ADSR generator (Attack, Decay,
Sustain, Release) and control of sawtooth, triangle, square,
variable pulse and noise waveforms. Full filtering capabilities
with low, high and band pass filters. External sound input
Keyboard Full size typewriter style design
Keys 66 Keys total. 2 Cursor control keys
4 Function keys (up to 8 user defined/programmable functions
possible) Upper and lower case character set. Graphic character set
Inputs/Outputs User port. Serial port. ROM cartridge port
2 Joystick/paddle ports. Video port C1530 Cassette drive interface port
Features Built-in BASIC 2.0 - over 70 commands,
statements and functions. Full screen editor
Peripherals C1541 Disk drive, C1530 Datasette
MPS 801 Dot matrix printer, MPS 802 Dot matrix printer
MPS 803 Dot matrix printer, DPS 1101 Daisey wheel printer
C1520 Plotter/Printer, C1702 Color monitor, CM141 Color monitor

The Commodore C64

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