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Sven has not featured of late in Micro Mart, but,
I am comforted that last weeks Micromart did have a
section for the Amiga featuring Trevor Dickinson
and the X1000 project

MicroMart MicroMart

Micromart MicroMart MicroMart


From Sven and Micromart

[ quote ]

..... I think it is fair to say that unless some major changes are
made by Amiga .Inc or a successor , and unless the Amiga market is no
longer resembling a Romero cinematic picture, then issue 1000 ( next
April ) will have the last Amiga Mart. So there's a challenge right
there. To those in charge get your damned backsides into gear or the
last mainstream commercial mag covering Amiga may well stop doing so next April.

Tough Times Ahead

Robert Williams, the editor of South Essex Amiga Links fan magazine
Total Amiga [ formerly Clubbed ] has taken the decision after eight
years at the helm to step down. Unfortunately, after considering all
the options a new editor was not found and the magazine is to cease
publication with issue 26, which is to be released this month......

[ end quote ]

Sad that

MicroMart MicroMart micro mart

micro mart micro mart

One of the few publications that still features
articles regarding the Amiga.

micromart micromart

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