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Additions to the collection

The scuzz collection welcomes...
27th November 2005 additions

c128 hd40 A2000 A3000T

fd a3000 Canon osborne-1

A4000T Philips

Quite a number of additions this month.. check the full
list below for all the goodies acquired

*A3000T with Cyberstorm II, AriadneII, Cybervision
*Amiga A1200HD/40 with Mtec 4Mb Speed Up card
*2nd Amiga A1200HD/40 but without expansion card
*A2000 with GVP Accelerator and scandoubler
*A1500 plus 3.1ROM
*A2000 faulty but with PC Emulator board and 5.25" drive
*A2000 faulty psu
*A4000T case and box mint
*Amiga 500 computer with seals intact
*Amiga 500 computer with 3.1 ROM
*Amiga 600 The Wild The Weird and The Wicked boxed set.
*Commodore C128 Computer Compendium.
*Acorn 3000 with 3 button mouse and RISC OS2
*Acorn 3000 with Watford Electronics HD
*Atari Lynx hand held console
*Canon V-20 MSX Computer boxed
*Macintosh Quadra 650 with keyboard and mouse
*Boxed Nintendo Entertainment System - NES
*Osborne-1 computer complete
*2nd Osborne-1 computer complete
*Philips VG-8010 MSX computer with VU-022 power supply
*Tatung Einstein
*Teleng Colourstars Video Games Machine
*TVSport Video Games Machine - Technigraph


*Amiga A1200HD/40 with Mtec 4Mb Speed Up card
Also has unique Amiga hard dust cover
*2nd Amiga A1200HD/40 but without expansion card

*A1500 plus 3.1ROM

*A3000T with Cyberstorm II, AriadneII, Cybervision

*A2000 with GVP Accelerator and scandoubler
*A2000 faulty but with PC Emulator board and 5.25" drive
*A2000 faulty psu

*A4000T case and box mint

A590 A500 Sidecar plus XT Western Digital HD.

GOLEM external 3.5" floppy drive with LED display.
Vidi Amiga PRO Vidi 24RT Professional boxed - Rombo
Boxed Amiga 1010 external floppy drive by Commodore
1GB Seagate hard drive IDE
ProGrab 24RT
2 x Amiga 520 modulator
Hypercom 3/4 plus interface card plus port connectors.
Two replacement internal floppy drives for the A1200
Quickshot Joystick
3 x Cheetah 125+ Joystick
4 x original Commodore Amiga mice
2.1Gb Hard drive IDE
QJ Footpedal Joystick Controller
Power Computing boxed external floppy drive
RF 542C 5.25" boxed external floppy drive.
A3000T original mouse
3 x A2000 keyboards
1 x black CDTV keyboard

Amiga Workbench 3.1

TV Text - Zuma Group Inc
Professional Page boxed - Gold Disk
Genesis - Eyetech
EZ-IDE Amiga CDRom - Eyetech
SisysRTG v2.5 HiQ
A1260/50 and 66MHz Utility Disk

Boxed Games:
VIZ - 16 Blitz TRONiX
Starlord - Microprose
ST Dragon - KIXX
Elvira - Accolade
Mean 18 - Accolade
Wing Commander - Mindscape
Turbo Challenge - Smash16
World Class Leader Board - KlassiX

Unboxed but originals with manuals:
Commando - Elite
Ikari - Elite
Wrath of the Deamon - ReadySoft
Golden Axe - Virgin
Shadow of the Beast II - Psygnosis
International Soccer Challenge - Red Hat
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer - Audiologic
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters - Tengen
Klax - Tengen
Safari Guns - New-Deal
Rainbow Islands - Ocean
Special Forces - Microprose
Whizz 1 - Flair
Lotus III - Gremlin
Grand Prix - Microprose
Legend - Mindscape
Dog Fight - Microprose
Elite - Firebird
SimCity - Infograms
Silent Service - Microprose
Pinball Mania - 21st Century
PGA Tour Gold - The Hitt Squad
Colonization - Microprose
F117A - Microprose
Theme Park - EA
Dune II - The Hit Squad

One Amiga - Issue 23 - Aug 90
One Amiga - Issue 24 - Sep 90
One Amiga - Issue 25 - Oct 90
One Amiga - Issue 26 - Nov 90
One Amiga - Feb 1993
One Amiga - March 1993
One Amiga - May 1993
One Amiga - July 1993
One Amiga - Dec 1994
Amiga User International - Dec 94

The Amiga Tutor Video - Audition Computer Services

Cover Disks:
20 CU Amiga
13 Amiga Computing
6 Amiga Action
4 Amiga Power
6 Amiga Shopper
4 The One
1 AF

Amiga ROM Kernal Reference Manual - Commodore Business Machines
Amiga for Beginners - Abacus
Screen Play - Amiga Format
AmigaDOS - Mark Burgess

Compugraphic Fonts 2 - PDN
Compugraphic Fonts 3 - PDN
Utilities - PDN
Tiny Toons Clip Art - PDN
Excellent Card Games 2 - PDN
Classic Amiga Catalog
Spelltris - Underground PD

CDPD - Almathera
CDPD II - Almathera
CDPD - III Almathera

Amiga Tower badge


AKIRA - International Computer
Wembley International Soccer - AudioGenic
Castles II - Interplay
Exile - AudioGenic
Trivial Pursuit - Domark
Total Carnage - ICE
Fields of Glory - Microprose
Subwar 2050 - Microprose
Super League Manager - AudioGenic
Fears - Manyk
Roadkill - Acid
Jungle Strike - Ocean
Arcade Pool - Team 17
Lemmings - Psygnosis
Death Mask - Alternative
Skeleton Krew - Core
TopGear 2 - Gremlin
Guardian - Acid
Dragonstone - Core
Mean Arenas - ICE
North and South - Action 16
Cannon Fodder - Virgin
Sensible Soccer - Sensible
Vital Light - Millennium
Legends - GLS
Seek and Destroy -Mindscape
Heimdall - Core
GunShip 2000 - Microprose
Impossible Mission 2025 - Microprose
Banshee - Core


*Amiga 500 computer with seals intact
*Amiga 500 computer with 3.1 ROM

Workbench 1.3 disk
Amiga Exras 1.3 and Amiga Basic 1.2

GVP Impact HD+ Sidecar and power supply.
Kolfe Computing Supplies BV - Power PC Board


*Amiga 600 The Wild The Weird and The Wicked boxed set.
Replacement motherboard and keyboard



C64 - C128 SFX boxed Sound Sampler
C64 - C128 SFX boxed Sound Expander

Lord of the Rings Game One - Melbourne House
Magnificent 7 Boxed Set - Ocean

Commodore 64 Adventures - Mike Grace
The Complete Commodore 64 - Allan Scott
Filing Systems and Data Bases - A P Stephenson

5.25" DISKS

Kings of the Beach - Electronic Arts Sky Shark - Taito
One on One - Electronic Arts
Arctic Fox - Electronic Arts
Skyfox - Electronic Arts
Total Eclipse - Spotlight
President Elect - SSI
Summer Challenge - Thunder Mountain
Master Ninja - Paragon
Captain Power - Box Office
Victory Road - SNK
Santa Paravia - Keypunch
Award Makers Cartoons - Baudville
Boxed C64 Easy Script with manual
18 various 5.25" Commodore Disks.


1571 JiffyDOS

GeoPublishing disk plus manual
FontPack1 disk plus manual
GEOS UK Font Disk manual plus disk
GEOS Boxed plus disk V2.0
GEOSPELL Disk plus manual boxed
GEOS Writers Workshop disk plus manual boxed
GEOS Tricks and Tips - Abacus


*Commodore C128 Computer Compendium. Includes the
C128 computer plus Music Maker Keyboard, cassette
deck, joystick games and software all in special
presentation box.

VIC 20

Commodore Artist Cartridge VIC-1935
VIC-20 Computing - Ron Geere


*Acorn 3000 with 3 button mouse and RISC OS2
*Acorn 3000 with Watford Electronics HD

A3000 Welcome Guide
RISC OS User Guide
Data Recorder - Acorn ANF03
Genesis - Software Solutions
Archimedes Application Disc 1
Archimedes Application Disc 2
Archimedes Welcome Disc
Welcome to the Learning Curve - Acorn Video


*Atari Lynx hand held console
Original retro Atari joystick

Commando - Activision
SeaQuest - Activision
Mean 18 - Accolade
Tennis - Activision
River Raid - Activision


*V-20 MSX Computer boxed


*IBM AT computer


*Macintosh Quadra 650 with keyboard and mouse


*Boxed Nintendo Entertainment System - NES


*Osborne-1 computer complete
*2nd Osborne-1 computer complete


*Philips VG-8010 MSX computer with VU-022 power supply


Kempston Centronics 'E' Interface with ribbon connector
Enduro-Racer - The Hit Squad
Teenage Mutant Turtles
Alien Destroyer - Kuma
Heathrow AirTraffic Control - Hewson
Dizzy - Codemasters
Thrusta - Software Projects


TRS-80 Microcomputer News
The Expanding World of the TRS-80
Magnum Joystick
TRS-80 Computer Cassette Recorder - 26-1208A




*Teleng Colourstars Video Games Machine
*TVSport Video Games Machine - Technigraph

Computer Based Systems - John Race
Computers in Your Life - B M Murphy
Primax Electronic Data Switch
SCSI Centronics connector
Boxed and unopened 3.5" floppy storage
Iiyama 17" monitor for the 3000T


Tales of Witchblade: 2,3,4
Witchblade: 5,19,25,29,40,41,52,53,54,55,59,66,
Witchblade Tomb Raider: 1
Tomb Raider Journeys: 7
Tomb Raider: 0,5,6,7,8,14,16,20,25,26,35,36,38,47,49,50

The scuzz collection welcomes...
23rd September 2005 additions

sx64 sx32 C64 Music zx80

All of the list below arrived since the
last update. In excess of 30 computers

CD32 with SX32 Module
Two CD32 games controllers
Two floppy drives for the CD32
Black Mouse for the CD32
SX64 Instruction manuals and support paperwork

EZ Tower
A1200 motherboard
A1200 motherboard ( 2 )
Scandoubler Flicker Fixer internal
4 Way Buffered Interface
Keyboard Adaptor
Port Accelerator
Apollo 060 accelerator with 64MB RAM
Amiga 1200 with 350MB hard drive
Amiga 1200
Kraft Speedball Mouse - Kraft
Trust Hand Held Scanner - Trust
Power Xl HD Drive - Power Computing

The Eye Tech EZ-Tower Illustrated Installation Instructions
An Introduction to the EZPC Tower
Siamese System RTG2.5 - User Guide
GPFAX manual and software - GP Software
Directory Opus 5 Version 5.5 - GPSoftware
Home Accounts 2 boxed - Digita

Microsoft Flight Simulator for the Amiga - subLOGIC
Scenery Disks Western European Tour - subLOGIC
AsimCDFS boxed plus manual and software - Asimware Innovations


Wordworth 6 Office - Digita International
Wordworth 7 - Digita International
RIVA Mpeg Player - Stephen Fellner
Gateway Volume 2 - GTI
MooVID Gols - EPIC
GoldFish - Amiga Library Services
Phase 1 Clipart - Amiga Format
Phase 2 Clipart - Amiga Format
Amiga OS 3.5 - Amiga International
Eyetech Ethernet Software - Eyetech Group Ltd
Game Massive Volume 1 - Future
AMIGA CD32 Speedball - Bitmap Brothers
CD32 Gamer 1995 - Paragon Publishing
CDPD Volume 3 - Almathera
Network PC - Weird Science
Multimedia Toolkit - Wierd Science
FishMarket 260- 1000 - Asimware

Games Manuals
PGA Tour Golf - Hit Squad
Dog Fight - Microprose
Grand Prix - Microprose
Silent ServiceII - Acid Software
Dune 2 - Hit Squad
Theme Park - Bullfrog
Colonization - Microprose
Sim City - Infogrames
Jungle Strike - Ocean
Exile - Audiogenic
Elite - Acornsoft
Nigel Mansells World Championship - Gremlin
Akira - ICE Ltd
Lotus III - Gremlin
Worlds of Legends - Mindscape
Fields of Glory - Microprose
Civilization - Microprose
Subwar 2050 - Microprose
Nighthawk F-117A - Microprose
Special Forces - Microprose

Games boxed
Battle Isle - BlueByte
Team YAnkee - Empire

CU Specials
Comic Setter
Amiga E
Amiga Music and FX
Comms Bible

Amiga Computing
Software Encyclpaedia

Amiga Shopper
Internet Modems and the whole Comm Thing

Amiga 500 Manuals
Amiga OS 3.5 Installation Manual
Amiga OS 3.1 full set of manuals
Commodore Transformer manual
OS 3.9 CD

Deluxe Paint IV
Powerscan Professional manual - Power Computing
TurboPrint 7 Professional Manual plus software
TurboPrint 6 Professional Manual plus software
TurboPrint 4.1 Professional Manual plus software
Opus 4 New Version 4 boxed - Inovatronics
AMOS Professional - Europress

Hisoft Enterpise 288 modem boxed - Hisoft Systems
Super Pro Zip Stick - SonmaxCD32 with SX32 Module
Two CD32 games controllers
Two floppy drives for the CD32
Black Mouse for the CD32
SX64 Instruction manuals and support paperwork

ARexx: Your Amiga's Built in Turbocharger - Toby Simpson
Wordworth Compamion v3.1 - Digita
Wordworth v3.0 Instruction Book - Digita
Wordworth Information Book v5.0- Digita
Wordworth boxed - Digita
CrossDOS Version 4.0 Manual and software - Consultron
AmigaDOS Inside and Out - Abacus
Mastering Amiga System - Paul Overaa
Mastering Amiga Beginners - Amith and Webb
Amiga Format BACKSTAGE - Newsletters 83-121
AF Specials
Exploring Real 3D
Amiga IV
Bumper Book of Amiga Hints ant Tips
Get into the Net with your Amiga

Approx 250 cover disks
Approx 150 magazines
Approx 100 CDs

[ computers and consoles added ]
*CD32 with SX32 Module
*AMIGA 1200 with 3.1 ROMs
*Amiga 1200 ( No 2 )
*C64C Hollywood Computer box set
*C64C Computer
*C64 Computer
*ACORN 3020 Computer
*AQUARIUS boxed Home Computer System
*AMSTRAD NC 100 computer
*AMSTRAD NC 100 computer ( No 2 )
*AMSTRAD GX4000 boxed
*BBC B Microcomputer System
*CAMBRIDGE Z88 Computer boxed
*CASIO PB-100 Personal Computer
*DRAGON64 computer boxed
*EPSON HX-20 computer in box
*Apple Macintosh Classic computer boxed
*MEMOTECH MTX500 boxed computer
*NINTENDO Famicom Family Computer
*ORIC-1 Computer
*Playstation PSone boxed
*ZX80 Computer
*ZX80 Computer ( no 2 )
*SINCLAIR QL computer boxed
*SINCLAIR ZX81 boxed
*TANDY TRS-80 Color computer boxed
*TANDY TRS-80 Color computer 2
*TANDY TRS-80 Micro Color Computer MIC-10 boxed
*VIDEOMASTER Colourscore

[ And the list in full ]


*AMIGA 1200 with 3.1ROMs
*CD32 with SX32 module
*Amiga 1200
Mouse joystick, modulator, power supply
Power Computing XL Floppy Drive Unit
Deluxe Music Construction ( x 2 ) Set by Geoff Brown
Deluxe Paint IV
Virtual Carting CD32
Amiga CD Mag discs 1-4
Arcade Pool - Team 17
James Pond - Millenium
Carnage - Zeppelin
Pro Tennis Tour - The Hit Squad
Workbench 3.1 disks
Digita Wordworth
ThemePARK ~ Bullfrog
Premier Manager 3 - Gremlin
Street Fighter II - CapCom
DMC v3 - Disk Magazine - F1 Software
Disk Magazine Creator by Andy Gibson manual
Vulcanology - The Miniseries Compilation - Vulcan
AMOS PD - Weird Science
Aminet CD 36
Aminet CD 38
Retro Gold - Emulators
The Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants - Ocean
Corporation - CORE
Falcon - Mirrorsoft
Megafortress - Mindscape
The Settlers - Ble Byte
Software Explosion CD
Dangerous Streets CD32
Grand Prix - Microprose
The Music Creator - Activision
Scribble Platinum Edition
Amiga Next Steps - Peter Fitzpatrick
Rocket Ranger - Cinemaware
AmigaActive 1, 6 and 9 plus disks
Manchester United - Krisalis
Media Show sealed - Gold Disk
The Settlers ( again ) - Bue Byte
50 brand new DD disks
50 reconditioned DD disks

C128 - C64

*C64C Hollywood Computer box set
*C64C Computer
*C64 Computer
SFX Sound Expansion Interface
Commodore Music Keyboard - Full Size
C64 Disk Copying interface
JiffyDOS Chip
Home Designer CAD by K & K Software
Indianna Jones and the Temple of Doom - 5.25" game
Donkey Kong 5.25" plus Beeline, Hopper Starship
The Tolkien Trilogy - Boxed set - Beau Jolly
Trivial Pursuit - A New Beginning - Domark
Ultisynth64 - Music Processor from Quicksilva
Graphic Art on the Commodore 64 by Boris Allan
Lord of the Rings - Melbourne House 5.25" disk game
Accolade Comics 3 disk Living Comic Book
Trivial Pursuit Commodore Edition - Domark
Super Nudge 2000 - Mastertronic
Total Recall -The Hit Squad
Paperboy - Encore
Indianna Jones - Kixx
Uridium - Rack-It
St Dragon - Kixx
Typing Tutor - Toolbox
Hollywood - Commodore collection games
Trivial Pursuit - Domark
Music Composer - C64403
Burger Time - Interceptor Software
Bubble Bobble - The Hit Squad
Combat School - The Hit Squad
The Newzealand Story - The Hit Squad
Rick Dangerous - Kixx
Kentilla - Mastertronic
ZZap Megatape 23
Wonder Boy - Sega
Army Days - Light Fantastic
WEC Lemans - The Hit Squad
F16 Combat Pilot - Action Sixteen
Magicland Dizzy - Code Masters
Fistfighter - Zeppelin
Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters - Hit Squad
3D Snooker - Zeppelin
Mikie - Konami
Gauntlet - KIXX
Treasure Island - Mastertronic
3D Pinball - Mastertonic
4Most - Alternative
Gryzor - The Hitt Squad
Quest for the Holy Grail - Mastertronic
Quatro Coin Ops - Codemasters
California Games - Hitt
World Class Leader Board - Kixx
Lord of the Rings - Melbourne House
Value Pack 6 games - Beau Jolly
Supreme Challenge 5 games set - Beau Jolly
Games Set and Match 10 games set - Ocean
Go Crazy - 6 Game set - US Gold
Hollywood Collection - Ocean
The Great Escape - Hitt
Miami Vice - Hitt


*AMSTRAD NC 100 computer
*AMSTRAD NC 100 computer ( No 2 )
*AMSTRAD GX4000 boxed
Amstrad Notepad Computer Manual
Monopoly for the CPC464 - Leisure Genius
Computer Scrabble for the CPC464 - Leisure Genius
Live Action Computer Collection


*ACORN 3020 Computer
Commander 3 Joystick Interface
Risc OS3 User Guide


*AQUARIUS boxed Home Computer System
Aquarius boxed data recorder


*ATARI XE boxed Video Games System
*ATARI 400 Computer
*ATARI 400 Computer
*ATARI 'Woody' 2600
Atari Star Raider with video touch pad
Combat catridge for the 2600
Pacman cartridge for the 2600
Atari 400/800 BASIC Reference Manual
Atari 400 cartridge - JOUST
Atari 400 cartridge - Megamania
Atari 400 cartridge - Claim Jumper
Atari 400 cartridge - Buck Rogers
Atari 400 cartridge - BASIC Computing Language
Atari 400 cartridge - Zone Ranger
Atari 400 cartridge - Donkey Kong
Atari 400 cartridge - Atlantis
Atari 400 cartridge - Asteroids
Atari 400 cartridge - Star Raider
Atari 400 cartridge - Pac-Man
Atari 400 cartridge - Jungle Hunt
Defender CX2609 for the 2600
Reactor cartridge for the 2600
Dragons Breath - for the 520ST
Indianna Jones Last Crusade - for the 520ST
Blood Money - for the 520ST
Anarchy - for the 520ST


*BBC B Microcomputer System
Dual floppy drive stand and drives
Microvitec CUB monitor
Double Density Interface and users guide
BBC Microcomputer User Guide
BBC Micro Pocket Guide
The Complete BBC Computer User - Dr John Lockley
Master System Computer Ref Part 1
Master System Computer Ref Part 2
Master System Computer Welcome Guide
2 very full boxes of BBC 5.25" disks
ADFS Utilities disk


*CAMBRIDGE Z88 Computer boxed


*CASIO PB-100 Personal Computer


*Dragon64 computer boxed


*EPSON HX-20 computer in box
Epson H20EU Expansion Unit


*Apple Macintosh Classic computer boxed


*MEMOTECH MTX500 boxed computer


Grundy New Brain manual


*NINTENDO Famicom Family Computer
120 in 1 cartridge


*ORIC-1 Computer
The Hobbit - Melbourne House
Delta 4 - Nectarine
Zorgons Revenge - IJK Software
Xenon 1 IJK Software
ORICMunch - Tansoft


*Playstation PSone boxed
FIFA Football 2002 - EA
FIFA Football 2004 - EA
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - WB


*MSX MPC-100


*ZX80 Computer
*ZX80 Computer ( no 2 )
*SINCLAIR QL computer boxed
*SINCLAIR ZX81 boxed
ZX80 manual
ZX80 1-3K Byte RAM pack
ZX80 16K Byte RAM pack
Starglider 2 boxed - Rainbird
Sinclair Chess - Psion
The Ship of Doom - Arctic
Hungry Horace - Psion
Gulpman - Campbell Systems
Travel with Trashman - New Generation Software
Molar Maul - Imagine
Space Raiders - Psion
Leapfrog - CDS
Blockade Runner - Thorn


*TANDY TRS-80 Color computer boxed
*TANDY TRS-80 Color computer 2
*TANDY TRS-80 Micro Color Computer MIC-10 boxed
Tandy 16K RAM expansion




*VIDEOMASTER Colourscore


The Coming of the Chip - Anthony Hyman
SCSI ribbon terminator
The Dark Tower - MB Games Computer board game.


Tomb Raider 24 to 34
Tomb Raider 42
Witchblade 56
Witchblade 57
Witchblade 60
Witchblade 61

Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game ( x 2 )
Plus booster packs

The scuzz collection welcomes...
31st July 2005 additions

1570 a1020 a1400 PHC-28L


Amiga 1200 plus two hard drives
Amiga 1020 5.25" floppy drive unit
Amiga 1400 ( Graham )
Amiga 600 computer
Amiga A500 Amitek 512K populated RAM board.
GVP Series II Impact Card
GVP IO Extender Card

Mini Office boxed Europress
AMOS Professional Compiler
Amiga Music Demos and Coders Disks Box 80
Amiga Coders Club Disks
Modules for the Red Sector Demo Maker
17 Bit Music
Amiga Musicians Freeware Magazine Disk
Tiger Cub
Disk Master Software
150 PD and cover copy disks
AMOS BUMPER BUNDLE. All cover disks and
magazine extracts including AGA Extension
and finally a copy of INTOS.

Power Computing boxed XL-Drive
Power Computing 1.5 MB upgrade for the A500 boxed
Coxed Competition Pro Joystick

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Hillsfor
Bomber Activision


Commodore 1570 floppy drive

VIC 20

VIC-20 Colour Computing Complete Starter Pack
VC-20 computer
Introducing VicSoft Starter Pack
Autumn edition of VicSoft
VIC-20 How to connect
Personal Computing on the VIC-20
Model C2N 1530 Datasette Unit never been opened
An Introduction to BASIC Part 1
VIC-20 Modulator


Public Domain Software Issue 1


Pascal MD2D Double sided double density
sealed box of 10 diskettes


Amstrad 6128 computer and CTM644 monitor
Boxed Amstrad 464 PLUS Home Computer System
Boxed Amstrad CM14 colour monitor
Amstrad Model No MP-3 Modulator Converter
PC9512 SCA RS232 Serial Centronics Interface
Amstrad GEM 1st Word Plus
Amstrad GW Basic Manual
36 original games tapes in special case.
CPM PLUS System Disk plus Logo3
Amstrad 3" games disks... Roland on the Run,
Hunter Killer, Spannerman, Soccer Spectacular,
Roland in the Caves, Scalextric, Scrabble,
Doors of Doom, Hunchback II, Supertest,
Qabbalah, The Prize, Supertest 1 and Trivial Pursuit.

Mini Office II Database Software
CPC6128 Manual


BBC Microcomputer


Evesham Vale Desktop PC ( Very early machine )
Parallel Disk Operating System for the 1541
including Dolphin DOS as shipped by Evesham


Franklin Spellmaster

Microsoft / PC

IBM DOS 3.30 manuals and 5.25" diskettes
Boxed Microsoft MS-DOS 4.01 plus userguide
Viglen Microsoft MS-DOS 5
Boxed Microsoft MS-DOS 5
Boxed PC DOS 6.1
Microsoft Windows 3.1 Concise Guide Kris Jamsa
Microsoft MS DOS Shell Users Guide
Commodore PC MS-DOS and GW Basic guides
Sybex Guide to DOS 5 functions
Windows 3.1 video
Windows 3.1 Easy Steps Harshad Kotcha
Windows 3.1 Easy Steps
Microsoft Windows 95 and Office Demo disk and leaflet


NEC PC-8300 Portable Computer ( one of the first )


PALM III boxed complete Connected Organizer


Boxed complete Philips Videopac Computer G7000


Sanyo MSX Ordinateor Personnel PHC-28L 64K computer


Grandstand Model 4600 Video Games System boxed
Videomaster Visionscore Colour TV System boxed
ITMC SD-90 Video Games System
Supersportif PC-501 Cartridge


SIERRA 5.25" DOS games
Silpheed, Space Quest III, Helicopter Simulator
Hitchhikers Guide, Mixed up Mothers Goose, World
Darts, Jones in the Fast Lane, Thexder, Gold Rush.

Tomb Raider boxed for the PC
Plus gallery addition of the complete
Lara Croft Tomb Raider games collection
Plus Walkthrough books and promotional stuff.


Megga bundle of Witchblade
Elektra and complete Emma Frost.

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