Commodore Amiga Retro


My Win98 machine

Regina Regina

Regina Regina

Alive and well and in active service since 2000
The very machine that is writing this web page


Whilst I am not a great supporter of the mighty MS
I do use a PC running Win98 for web creation
and uploading. Sadly the Win98 machine, lovingly
known as Regina after the babe in Dino Crisis, died...


I spent a few frantic weeks putting the pieces back
together, including new motherboard and graphics
card just to find it was one of the DIMMS that
had burnt out.

All working fine now.

Chaintek Chaintek



PlayTV PlayTV

Future Protect


Well it happened again. The computer near caught
on fire this time as the PSU burnt out. The motherboard
was frazzled along with most of everything else. I did
manage to salvage the hard drives, though one was
very bady corrupted. And so I set too again replacing
all the various parts.

regina regina regina regina

regina regina Soundblaster

Regina's Body Parts

Evesham Micro Platinum TNT2 Live Pentium III
Intel Pentium III 550 CPU
2 x Universal Serial Bus ( USB) Ports
4 x PCI and 3x 16-Bit Expansion Slots
1 EPP Parallel Port and 2 Serial Ports with
16550 UART
TUV Approved Power Supply
Maxtor 27GB UDMA66 IDE Hard Disk Drive
Platimun PC with Midi Tower ATX Case
DVD Drive 32Mb TNT2 M64 Graphics Accelerator
Desparado AGP-R160 nVidia Riva TNT2 M64
Sound Blaster Live 1024 OEM
Creative Labs 4 Point Speaker System
ZIP Drive
PCI Ethernet Adaptor

SD-RAM 168pin 128Mb 100MHz ECC 3.3V
Use 2 x 64Mb ECC. Make sure BIOS is set
to use the ECC.

Also fitted is a second 80GB Hard Drive
An external ZIP USB re-writable CD Drive
A Belkin video capture card
And 56K external modem.

Quite useful having your computer bits and
pieces on the web given that you won`t be able
to access the info if your computers broken

All pictures of this site


All pictures from on this site were taken
using an Epson 850Z digital camera.

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