Commodore Amiga Retro


Win 3.1 Machine

win 3.1 win 3.1

win 3.1 win 3.1 win 3.1 win 3.1

Note how small the motherboard is. The HD controller
is off a separate card and not direct to the mobo

win 3.1 win 3.1 win 3.1

The older PCs had the same barrel battery as the Amiga
so they need to be removed.

To compare this model to an Amiga in terms of time
you are probably looking at the end period of the
A500 and A2000. This machine is terribly slow and
a touch unstable. Lots of good ideas in the OS
but just not the processor power use them with ease

Microsoft windows video concise guide


Kit that came with this PC

Mitac Win-Works - Windows
Intel Processor box
Picture Publisher - manual and software
Daily Mail 100 Amazing Years - CDRom
elegance Clip Art - Iris Graphics boxed
Elegance Tiles - Iris Graphics boxed
Icon Do It - Moon Valley Software
Contact Mate - Productivity Software
Screen Craze - Gold Disk boxed
Screen Craze II - Gold Disk boxed
Serif PagePLUS 3.0 boxed
Professional Draw - Gold Disk
Labels Unlimited - Softkey boxed, book plus software
Instant Calendar - Softkey boxed, book plus software
Floor Plans Plus 3D - CEI Book plus software
Announcements for Windows - CD plus manual
Microsoft Workgroup - Add-on for Windows boxed
Eseential Collection - Shanghai Activision boxed
Pair of Alba speakers on stands
InMAc 6A - Surge Master
4 Gang socket
Tea Kettle power strip
Ultima Underworld - Origin boxed
MIG-29M - Domark boxed
Lord of the Rings - Interplay boxed
Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny Mindscope boxed
Microsoft Disk Operating System - manuals
Microsoft GW-Basic - Book Microsoft Press
Instant Fonts - Softkey disks and manuals
Power Album - Softkey
Microsoft MSDOS Version 4 - Microsoft big box plus software
Microsoft Flight Simulator plus MS-DOS 6.2
Nakkai 5" B/W TV with radio - all in original box
Irwin Accutrak - 250MB Parallel port Tapestreamer in box
Microsoft Works for Windows Userguide - Mitac
Mastering DOS-5 - Judd Robbins
Optibase Jpeg Workshop Manual - Addstar
Timeworks for IBM PC and compatibles - GST Software
MicroGrafx Picture Publisher 3.0 LE - disks
Timeworks Publisher 3 - GST
The PC User Survival Guide - M&T books
NOVEL - DrDOS 6.0 - Quick reference guide
Getting the most out of your PC`s hard disk - JW Penfold
The Concise Users Guide to Windows 3.1
Paintshow - manual
Microsoft Word 5.5 - disks and manual
Daybook plus Toolbook - software
Diagnostic Disk Set 2 - Mauritron Tech Services
MITAC M1420/M1420A - colour monitor manual
Avery Label Pro for Windows - software plus manuals
Colorado Back-up Tape Stream - software plus manuals
Labels Unlimited - boxed software plus disks
Colorado Back-up Tape Book - software
Newsmaster II - Unison World boxed
Timeworks Desktop Publisher - boxed
Auto-route Express - Next Base boxed
Certificate Maker - Springboard boxed
Acetek Mouse - boxed
Uninstaller 2 - Contemporary software and manuals
Supestor Pro .2x - data compression software
AVR Color and Grey Scale Scanner manual
DrDOS 6.0 Digital Research - box and manuals
Sound Blaster - version 2 Creative Labs - card mint in box
AnalEDGE - joystick boxed
PCX Clip Art - Professional Plus
Serif MASTER DTP - starter CD-ROM
Serif Mega Art Pack - CD-ROM
GIF Clipart - CD-ROM - Professional Plus
HALO - Desktop Imager Media Cybernetics
Epson - Colour-in and Colour-out
PC Productivity Bible - Jim Seymour
Learning Coral Draw - Corel
Inside Corel Draw - Fourth Edition plus disks
Using Word for Windows - Special Edition QUE
CD-ROM Clipart Symbols - Corel
Mudulion PR. Air Ioniser in box
Voyetra Wave 16 - Multimedia Toolkit
HiPoint Mouse - alternative of laptops
Skylight Version 1.1 - manual and software
PagePLUS Desktop Publishing - books plus software
Microsoft Mouse
Timeworks Publisher - Adobe Type Manager - GS7
Glentop The Desktop Guide - John Walker
Coral 250Mb Back-up unit in box
Deluxe Magnifier Lite
Quick Drive Unit
Best of Windows Games - CD-ROM
The Sun - crosswords
The Printer Companion - CD-ROM
Making Tracks - CD
The Complete Windows Collection - CD
Coral Draw 3.5" disks
Coral Draw CR-ROM
Microsoft 95 - Demonstration Disk
Boulderdash II - First Star boxed
Boulderdash - First Star boxed
Coral Draw II - upgrade boxed
Virus Killer - 3.5" On-Line boxed
Lotus Smart Suite - Big Box Edition The full works
AVR Scanner
MITAC - PC Monitor
PC with 5.25" drive, 3.5" drive and CD Player
Ergonomic shaped keyboard
Quickshot - Flight Simulator as in aircraft cockpit - joycontroller
I Hate Word for Windows - Susan Weixel
Microsoft Windows - Version 3 full box and manuals
Using Coral Draw 4 - complete reference book QUE
The Technical Guide to Windows - Patrick Coleman
P1200 Owners Manual
XB24-10 Users Manual

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