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Commodore C16


New to the collection another boxed C16
The packaging is more complete and in
better condition

c16 c16 c16 c16

c16 c16 c16 c16

C16 C16

Commodore C16

Processor 7501, 1.76 MHz
CPU word length 8 bits
RAM 16 KByte expandable up to 64 kbytes
ROM 32 KByte Operating system
Text Display 40 x 25 Characters
Graphic Display 320 x 200 Pixels
Colors 121
Graphics chip TED
Text modes 40x25
Sound chip TED
Sound 2 channels, mono
Interfaces Video/Audio/HR

( I/O Ports 2x Joystick, Cartridge,
RGB, Serial, Tape recorder )
Serial Commodore port
Serial port: Floppy drives connect to the
expansion port on the TED machines

2 Joystick ports

Tape recorder port, incompatible to that of other Commodores

RGB RGB output, including composite video and audio.

Cartridge Expansion slot

Keyboard 66 keys, 4 Function keys included
Similar to the Commodore 64's keyboard
however, is different. This keyboard has
Non-standard ASCII, normal style keys.
Four cursor control keys which are on the
right side of the top row, which differs to
Commodore's usual two; Commodore special key,
plus RUN/STOP, CLEAR/HOME, etc keys.
On this machine the RESTORE key is omitted.
Instead, there's a reset button which can be
found on the right side of the case, just next
to the power switch.

First released 1984

The Commodore C16 is not compatible with the C64,
and has only 16 KByte of RAM .


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