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Games Section

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C64 Games

SpyvsSpy SpyvsSpy II New Zealand Story Turrican

C64 Games C64 Games C64 Games C64 Games

C64 Games C64 Games C64 Games C64 Games

C64 Games

C64/128 Cassettes


120 Deg Kixx
720 Kixx
Ace 2 Cascade
After Burner The Hit Squad
APB The Hit Squad
Army Days Light Fantastic
Audio Tape Toolbox
Badlands The Hit Squad
Batman Ocean
Batman The Hit Squad
Beyond the Ice Palace Elite
Blaze Out Ocean
Blockbusters Macsen
BMX Ninja Alternative Software
Booty Firebird
Bounder Gremlin Graphics
Bubble Bobble Firebird
Buggy Boy Elite
Bump Set Spike Mastertronic
Burger Chase Supersoft
California Games Epyx
Championship Wrestling Epyx
Chase HQ Taito
Chuckie Egg Pick & Choose
Cluedo Leisure Genius
Computer Hits 3 Beau Jolly
Crazy Cars Titus
Decathlon Activision
The Designers Pencil Activision
Dragon Ninja The Hit Squad
Drum Studio Players Premier
F-16 Combat Pilot Action Sixteen
Ferra Electronic Arts
First Starfighter Orpheus
Footballer of the Year Kixx
Frenzy Electron
Fun School 2Database
Game Set Match Ocean
Gangster Light Fantastic
Ghostbusters Ricochet
Ghostbusters II Activision
Grand Prix 2 Codemasters
Grandmaster Chess Audiogenic Software
Green Beret Iconami
Hard Drivin The Hit Squad
Haunted House Alligata
Hobbit Melbourne House
The Image System Toolbox
IndyHeat Siorm
Introduction to the C64 Commodore
James Bond The Living Daylights Domark
Jetboot Jack Electron
Jet Set Willy The Final Frontier Mastertronic
Kennedy Approach Transatlantic Simulations
Kentucky Racing Alternative Software
Kick Off 2 Anco
Las Vegas Video Poker Entertainment USA
Little Puff Cartoon Time
Magic Land Dizzy Codemasters
Marble Madness Electronic Arts
MicroMouse Mastertronic
Monopoly Leisure Genius
Mr Angry Codemasters
Mr Wizz Electron
The Music Box Domark
New Zealand Story Hit Squad
Nightracer Mastertronic
Now Games 4 Virgin
Olympic Challenge Ocean
On-Court Tennis Activision
Operation Thunderbolt The Hit Squad
Paperboy Encore
Pass Your Driving Test ASL
Pirates Commodore
Plug It Scorpio Gamesworld
Pneumatic Hammers Firebird
Pop Quizz Elite
Potty Painter in the Jungle Rabbit
Professional Footballer Cult
Quintic Warrior Quick Silva
Quattro Combat Codemasters
Quattro Power Codemasters
Quattro Sports Codemasters
Rollaround Mastertronic
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Mosaic
Scruples Leisure Genius
Shoot `em up Construction Kit Toolbox
Silent Service Microprose
Solomons Key Tecmo
Snowmen Commodore
Spacewalk Mastertronic
Speed Stunts Alternative Software
Spin Dizzy Electric Dreams


Spitfire 40 Alternative Software
Splat Incentive Software
SpyvSpy First Star
SpyvSpy IIFirst Star
Street Surfer Entertainment USA
Summer Games II Epyx
Super Hang On The Hit Squad
Superkid Atlantis
Superstar Ping Pong Silvertime
Sword of Destiny Gremlin
Tiger Road Capcom
Time Traveller Light Fantastic
Treasure Hunt Macsen
Trivial Pursuit Domark
Turrican KiXX
Typing Tutor Toolbox
Video Poker Mastertronic
War Hawk Firebird
Way of the Tiger Gremlin
Wiz Melbourne House
Wonderboy Sega
Wulfpack Blue Ribbon
Yie Are Kung Fu Iconami

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