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The scuzz collection welcomes...
23rd February additions

C386SX-LT NC200 amstrad laptop Pocket Book

Atari800 Portfolio Enterprise Alice

MBC-550 PS/2 compaq OpalVision


Acorn A3010 boxed
Acorn A3010 with modem
Acorn Pocket Book
Amstrad Alt386-SX Laptop
Amstrad NC200 Notebook
Amstrad Pen Pad PDA 600
Atari 600XL
2nd Atari 600XL
Atari 800
Atari Portfolio HPC-004
Commodore C386SX-LT Laptop
Compaq Portable III Luggable
2nd Compaq Portable III Luggable
Enterprise 64 boxed
IBM PS/1 with monitor, mouse and keyboard
IBM Luggable PS/2 P70
Matra and Hachett - Alice
Sanyo MBC550 plus hardbound binders and keyboard
Sega Mega CD II
Sega Mega Drive

A2386SX Bridgeboard
OpalVision Graphics Card
Amiga 1050 Expansion for the A1000 boxed
Amiga PCMCIA Network card and kit.
PicassoIV Vers.1.2
2 x A4000 Daughterboards
Cyberstorm MKII
Phase 5 SCSI Module
Catweasel Z-11 MK 2
Oktagon 2008
A3640 Processor Card

GT-916 Genitizer
Amiga Audio Digitiser
Amiga 601 RAM Expansion Guide
Kyrandia - Fables and Friends - Westwood
Psyngnosis Games Rare Boxed -
Anarchy - Psygnosis
Atomino - Psygnosis
Armour Geddon - Psygnosis
Cruise for a Corpse - Delphine
RoboCop 3 - The Hit Squad
Super Tetris - Spectrum HoloByte
Immortal - Electronic Arts
Amiga Forever - Cloanto CD Version 5.0
A4000 keyboard
A4000 Internal Floppy Drive
2 x A4000 PSUs
Amiga Workbench 1.3
Amiga Format Cover CDs 21,22,24
IDE Fix 1993
IDE Fix - 1993 1996 Elborate Bytes
SCSI Tools Version 2.2 - Phase 5
Village Tronic - Install PicassoIV

47 CU Amiga
9 Amiga Shopper
3 Amiga Power
35 Amiga Computing
62 Amiga Format
3 Your Computer
25 Amiga Active
2 Zero
6 The One
9 Amiga World
27 AUI
2 ST Amiga
1 ST Format

RisC OS User Guide
RisC Application Software 1 and 2
An Introduction to the RisC OS

Amstrad Machine Language - Joe Pritchard
Amstrad CPC 6128 Manual - User Instructions
CPM Plus
Amstrad Notebook Computer NC200 Manual

Mega Computer Manual
Atari TrakBall
Two button mouse

C128 Controller
An Introduction to your new Pet - 2001 Series
PractiCalc64 5.25" disk plus manual
C64 Games System Software Manual
Inventory 64 5.25" disk plus manual
Anagram Software for the C64
C64 Step by Step Programming - Phil Cornes
ScreenShot Graphics Pack
GEOmakeBoot 5.25" disk plus manual - Creative Micro Designs

Commodore Games:
Rally Driver - Alternative
Turbo OutRun - Sega
Quattro Adventure - Codemasters
Arnie - Zeppelin
Yogi Bear - HiTec
River Rescu - Alternative
Super Hang On - Hit Squad
Ninja Scooter Simulator - Silverbird
SummerCamp - Kixx
Golden Egg Cup - Mastertronic
BMX 2 - Codemasters
Moontorc - Atlantis
SWAG - Micromania
Quattro Coin Ops - Codemasters
ProPowerBoat - Codemasters
Trio - Sparklers
Paperboy - Encore
StreetWarriors - Silverbird
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - GBH
Commodore Action Pack 2
Sanxion - Hewson
Atlantis Gamepacks 1 and 2

Megadrive Games:
SONIC 2 - Sega
Rocket Knight Adventures - Konami
Claifornia Games - Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega
Road Rash - Electronic Arts
Global Gladiators - Virgin
FIFA 97 - Electronic Arts
Batman Returns - Sega
Super Hang-On - Sega
Mega CD Games: Road Avenger - Sega
Jaguar XJ220 - Core
Terminator - Virgin
Genesis Games:
QuackShot - Sega
Alien 3 - Arena International
PGA Tour Golf - Electronic Arts

Programming your ZX Spectrum - Tim Hartnell
Spectrum +3 Manual
Spectrum +2 Manual
Sinclair ZXSpectrum BASIC Programming
ZXSpectrum+ User Guide
ZX81 Learning Lab
Programming Arcade Games on the Spectrum - Adrian Jones
River Raid - Activision
Tasword Two - Tasman Software
Make a Chip - Incognito
Data Genie - ACL AudioGenic
Finance Manager - OCP
Address Manager - OCP
Griffin Software Wordspell
Spectrum Machine Code Made Easy - Paul Holmes
Advanced Spectrum Machine Language - Melbourne House
Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner
Spectrum Graphics and Sound - Steve Money

GT16 - Graphics Tablet


Retro Gamer Load 31
Retro Gamer Load 32
Retro Gamer Load 33
Retro Gamer Load 34
Imagine FX - Dec 2006
Imagine FX - Christmas 2006
Imagine FX - Feb 2007
3D World - Feb 2007
3D World - March 2007
Games TM The Legend of Nintendo
Micromart - 9 copies

Witchblade 98
Elektra 18,19,20,21,24,25

Adobe Type Manager
IBM DOS 3.2 User Guide and Quick Ref Guide

Guildwars - Nightfall - NC Soft
World of WarCraft - Blizzard
Belkin G+ Wireless Card
TP Link Wireless Card
Disgo 2GB memory stick

The scuzz collection welcomes...
28th October 2006 additions

PET C64 A5000 A3000UX

6128Plus Sharp programming Plus4

I gave myself a bit of a rest this session, and
so the list is a bit light for new arrivals.
Only 18 computers added this session of which
only 5 are actual models I didn`t have. Of the
batch the nicest find was the Commodore 64 with
the Australian casing. The PET was probably
the most important, though, if I can get the
A3000UX working this will be a real treasure.
The last three months have seen again the Win98
machine pack up, this time near catching on
fire. I replaced all, and again built a stock
pile of replacement parts. Can`t believe just
how much A500 stuff I collected this last
session. Also managed to get a number of very
nice boxed versions of kit to replace some of
my more tatty examples.

The Full List of OCTOBER 2006

*Amiga 3000UX
*Amiga 500 computer boxed in mint condition
*Amiga 500 with accelerator
*Amiga 500
*Amiga 500
*Amiga 500
*Amiga 600HD
*Amiga 600 The Wild The Weird and The Wicked boxed complete
*Amiga 600
*Amstrad 6128 Plus computer boxed
*Amstrad CPC464 boxed complete
*Atari 1040ST
*Commodore 16 boxed complete
*Commodore 64 South Australian case
*Commodore PET 2001 series
*Commodore Plus/4 Pack boxed complete
*Sharp MZ-711 computer boxed
*ZX Spectrum +3 boxed

Microvitec Monitor
Amstrad CTM644 monitor boxed

GVP A500 HD+ complete with power RAM and hard drive
Amiga 570 CDRom sidecar
PowerPoint XL HD drive boxed
A5000 A500 accelerator plus disks and manual
A500 ProRAM A501 Expansion
SupraRAM 500RX boxed
Amiga ActionReplay MkIII
Megamix Master
VidiAmiga 12

[ A3000UX ]
A3000 motherboard
A3000 daughterboard
2nd A3000 daughterboard
A3000UX Software boxed
UNIX System V
UNIX System Release 4
Amiga Version 2.1
Including manuals, Data Tape and all disks

[ Controllers ]
Boxed SGFighter SV401 joystick
Amiga gamepads various
SG Pro Game Pad
Quickshot Python 1M boxed
Amiga Edge Suncon joystick boxed
TecnoPlus Swift gamepad boxed
Amiga 'Green' Mousepen
Amsoft joystick boxed
Two other joysticks

[ media ]

Amiga Made Easy video
CU SuperCDRom 7
CU SuperCDRom 9
SimCity CDTV - Maxis
Aminet CD13
Aminet CD14

[ books ]

Complete Amiga C by Cliff Ramshaw plus four disks
Amiga Surfin by Karl Jeacle
Amiga Workbench Booster Pack3
STE Addendum
AtariST Your Second Manual
AtariST Introduction to MIDI programming
The Concise AtariST 68000 Programmers Guide
Atari Graphics and Sound
AtariST Tricks and Tips - Abacus
AtariST Internals - Abacus
AtariST Spellchecker
Atari Music Maker
AtariST Disk Drives Inside and Out - Abacus

[ various ]

2.05 ROM
Seagate SCSI drive
SCSI cables and connectors used in an A2000
Pair Commodore speakers
Wizard Power Box
Workbench 1.3
Workbench Extras 1.3
Amiga Basic 1.2

[ games ]

Dragons Lair - Visionary
Breathless - Fields of Vision
Christmas Lemmings - Psygnosis
MegaFortress - Mindscape
Sensible Soccer 95/96 - Sensible Software
Marvins Marvellous Adventure
Populus II - Bullfrog
Lords of Time - Hollyware
Castle Master The Crypt - Incentive
Global Affect - Virgin
Strike Fleet - EA
Galactic Conquerer - Titus
Frontier Elite x 2
PGA Tour Golf - EA
SIM Ant - Maxis
Alien Breed 3D - Team 17
Blood Money - Psygnosis
Xenon2 - Megablast
Escape from the Robot Monsters
Switchblade - Gremlin
Cabal - Ocean
Pinball Fantasies - 21st Century
Ninja 2
Guild of Thieves - Rainbird
Batman - Ocean
Championship Golf - Gamestar
Exclusive Populous Scenery disk
Never Mind - Psygnosis
Chaos Engine - Bitmap
Soldier 2000 - Artronic
Risky Woods - EA
Terminator2 - Ocean
Apache - Team17
Shadow of the Beast II

[ software ]

DICE - v3.0 all disks plus manual
Village Tronics AmiTCP all disks and book
Maxiplan Vers 1.9c
MagicWB Extras 12
Ibrowse Hisoft
Termite TCP Net&Web2
AMFC File Converter
The BBC Emulator for the Amiga
Amiga Video Back-up System by Hugo Lyppens
Deluxe Video III
Devpac 3 - boxed
Dg Calc - Digita

[ PD and Disk Mags ]
Various disks from the following:
Start Computer Systems
Amiga Software House

[ Disks ]
Three times 100 disk boxes
One time 50 disk box
CU Amiga disks 36
The One 8 disks
Amiga Computing 30 disks
Amiga Action 12 disks
Amiga Format 72 disks
AUI 22 disk plus mags
Amiga Shopper 4 disks

[ Magazines ]
Amiga Active May 2000 plus disk
Amiga Power Jun 91
Amiga Power Jul 91
Amiga Power Aug 91
Amiga Power Oct 91
Amiga Power Nov 91
Amiga Power Jan 92
Amiga Power Feb 92
Amiga Power Mar 92
Amiga Power May 92
Amiga Power Jun 92
Amiga Power Jul 92
Amiga Power Aug 92
Amiga Power Sep 92
Amiga Power Oct 92
AUI Nov 94 plus disks
AUI Mar 95 plus disks
AUI Nov 95 plus disks
AUI Dec 95 plus disks
AUI Jul 95 plus disks
AUI Jan 96 plus disks
AUI Mar 96 plus disks
AUI Aug 96 plus disks
Amiga Format Feb 98
CU Amiga Feb 97
CU Amiga Apr 97
Retro Vol 2 Imagine Publications
Retro Gamer 27
Retro Gamer 28
MicroMart numerous
ImagineFX x 3
3D World x 2
Advanced Photoshop


Four Commodore PET promotional leaflets 1981
Sharp Software magazine
Four Backstage Newsletters

[ Other platforms ]
Playstation 2 Boxed new controller
Amstrad boxed 17 games
TRS80 Computer Cassette
Amsoft Cluedo
Amsoft Qabbalah
Amsoft Scaletric
Amsoft Trivial Pursuit
Amstrad Action
Amstrad User Service Station
Dreamcast Planet Ring plus microphone
Dreamcast SONIC
Dreamcast controller boxed
Dreamcast mouse boxed
Dreamcast Visual Memory 2 No boxed
PS1 CoolBoarders
Sega Mega Drive SONIC
Sega Mega Drive ECCO
Sega Mega Drive PGA Tour Golf
Sega Saturn Sega Rally
Sega Saturn FIFA 98
Sega Master System SONIC
Spectrum Tour de Force

[ Win98 and PC ]
Soundblaster Live 5.1 boxed
2nd Soundblaster Live 5.1
Chaintek 6ATA2 motherboard boxed mint
NVidia TNT2 M64 PCi
Maxtor 30GB
2nd 30Gb hard drive
300W Power
P550 Processor plus fan
Boxed CDRom drive
Norton SystemWorks
One number Win95 PC
One number ME PC 1.4 GHz Pentium 4
2 Iiyama monitors

[ Comix ]
Elektra 12, 13, 15, 17, 22
Witchblade 3, 54, 94, 99 and 100
Witchblade + Frankenstein
Darkness + Vampirella
Witchblade 10th Anniversary

Well that will be the last for a while.
I really want to concentrate on the text
and specifications to be added to the website.

The scuzz collection welcomes...
15th July 2006 additions

dataview Alcatel sord GVP

jvc mitsubishi Hitbit yamaha

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A few intersting new computers to the collection
this month including a strange French internet
ready terminal. I was pleased to add more Amiga
expansions and accessories like the GVP Turbo
and SCSI kit. Turned out to be an MSX frenzy this
last few months with a number of machines added.
Anyway check out the full list below, and the
gallery updates. Maybe the last for a while as I
really am struggling with space now.

Computer Summary:

*Apple IIe computer
*Aquarius boxed computer
*Commodore C286-LT laptop computer
*Datavue25 computer
*Genius Hand Held computer
*JVC HC-8 GB boxed MSX computer
*Mitsubishi ML-548 MSX boxed computer
*Sony HitBit MSX Computer
*Yamaha CX5M Music MSX Computer
*Sega Saturn Console boxed
*48K Fully Working Spectrum Set-up
*Mint 48K Spectrum boxed
*3 Banged up Spectrum 48Ks
*NeoGeo Pocket Color hand held games unit.
*Boxed CGL M5 Sord computer
* Boxed TRS-80 Color 2 computer plus manuals
*Telic Alcatal computer internet terminal

The list in full:


Amiga Disk Expander - Shatztruke
Dart - Internal A500 floppy drive
Amiga 500 SupraRAM sidecar
GVP A1291 SCSI Kit boxed
GVP Turbo accelerator card
A500/A2000 Midi Master
Lemmings - Psygnosis
Lotus III - Gremlin
Dracula - Psygnosis
Mission Impossible 2025 - MicroProse
Team Suzuki - Gremlin
CiniMorph - GVP
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
Gateway to the Savage Frontier
Death Knights of Krynn
Secret of the Silver Blade
Pools of Darkness
By Strategic Simulations
Amiga Basic Inside and Out - Abacus
CU Amiga 64 Sept 89
4 copies Amiga Fomat 1990
Blitz Basic 2 boxed plus A4 manual
Space Hulk - Electronic Arts
Board Genius - Beau Jolly
375 Amiga cover disks
Workbench 1.3
A570 caddy
Aminet Collection 9
Aminet Collection 11


PCW9512 Interface
Amstrad Professional Computing


*Apple IIe computer


*Aquarius boxed computer
Aquarius data recorder boxed
Aquarius 16K memory expansion boxed
Ed-On - Brandon Flavel
N-Vaders - Adonic
Games Pack 3 - Add+On
Milly Add+On


*Commodore C286-LT laptop computer
Black 1084S CDTV monitor
C64 Maverick - Kracker Jax
Standard Ergo Mouse
Commodore Disk Users Disk - Vol 4 No 6
Commodore Disk Users Disk - Vol 4 No 8
GEOS thick binder plus all disks
GEOWorld Magazine Disks
GEOLabel II 6 Disks
GEOMetrix Info News Reviews 13 Disks
Rocket Ranger - Cinemaware
Secrets of the Commodore 64 - P Cornes
Weird Dreams - Rainbird
The Graphics Adventure Creator - Incentive
VIC 20 Users Guide - John Heilborn
5 copies Commodore Disk User
2 copies Your Computer


*Datavue25 computer


*Genius Hand Held computer game


Mandrake Linux 8.1 Boxed plus manuals


*JVC HC-8 GB boxed MSX computer
JVC HC R105B Data Recorder boxed
*Mitsubishi ML-548 MSX boxed computer
*Sony HitBit MSX Computer
*Yamaha CX5M Music MSX Computer
Yamaha MSX FM Voicing Program Manual and Cartridge
Yamaha MSX FM Music Composer Manual and Cartridge


Oric 1 promotional leaflet


Wild Arms
Underworld The Eternal War - Play-It
Batman Begins - EA Games
BloodRayne2 - Majesco
Final Fantasy Origins


Four complete bound volumes 52 editions Input Magazine
Using Computers - Lionel Carter
Load Runner magazine


5.25" new disk drive


*Sega Saturn Console boxed
Virtua Fighter
Sega Rally


*48K Fully Working Spectrum Set-up
*Mint 48K Spectrum boxed
*3 Banged up Spectrum 48Ks
Mint boxed Spectrum 1 Interface
Kempston interface
Alphacom32 Line Printer for the ZX81
WH Smith Computer Program Data Recorder
The Oracles Cave - Doric
Kickstart 2 - Mastertronic
Siclair Chess - Psion
Cyclone - Vortex
B C Bill - Beau Jolly
Amazon Women - Mastertronic
Dynamite Dan - Mirrorsoft
Speed King 2 - Mastertronic
A View to a Kill - Bug Byte
Motos - MAD
Penetrator - Mellbourne House
Chase HQ - Hit Squad
Rapid Fire - Mastertronic
ACE - Gamebusters
Super Hang On - Hit Squad
Gallipoli A&O
Saracen -Americana
Transylvanian Tower - Richard Shepherd
Nasferatu - Piranha
Popeye - Crash
Dandy - Electric Dreams
48K Mellbourne Draw
Leanardo - Creative Sparks
Sinclair Make-A-Chip - Incogneto
Spectrum Hardware Manual - Adrian Dickens
The Unorthadox Engineers: Poke in the Dark - Keith Campbell
Alba tape recorder
Biggles - Mirrorsoft
Sinclair User Hardware Buyers Guide
Souls of Darkon - Taskset
Spectrum Scrabble - Psion
Atic Atac - Ultimate
Attack of the Mutant Camels - Llamasoft
Spectrum Super Toolkit - Nectarine
Dr Watson Spectrum Beginners Basic Course
The Great Escape - Hit Squad
Angle Ball - MAD
Los Angeles SWAT - Entertainment USA
Strip Poker 2 - Byte
Power Up - X-Out
Rally Driver - Alternate
Dizzy - Codemasters
Cricket - Bug Byte
Graphics Adventures for the Spectrum 48K Richard Hurley
Countries of the World - Hewson
Flight Simulation - Psion
Hungry Horrace - Psion
Connect 4 - Atlantis
Chequered Flag - Psion
French is Fun - CDS


*NeoGeo Pocket Color hand held games unit.


*Boxed CGL M5 Sord computer
Step-Up cartridge - Takara
Dragon Attack cartridge - Takara
Basic 1 cartridge


* Boxed TRS-80 Color 2 computer plus manuals


*Telic Alcatal computer internet terminal


6 editions of Aphrodite
6 editions of Black Widow
22 editions of Elektra
25 editions of Fathom
12 editions of Marville
6 editions of TAO
13 editions of Witchblade


NVidia TNT2 M64 Graphics Card
Chaintek motherboard and processor
PlayTV Pro
Terrapin software

That was that for July 2006

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