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Amiga Error Codes

The following information is from an old issue of CU Magazine (back in the early '90s):

The number is made up of the following parts


A=subsystem ID codes
B=General Error codes
C=Specific Alert codes


A:Subsystem ID codes (if the number begins with 8 it is a non-recoverablecode, 
hence the system goes down - as I'm sure you're all aware). These tell you 
where the error occurred: 
00-CPU Exception 01-Exec library
02-Graphics library 03-Layers Library
04-Intuition Library 05-Maths Library
07-Dos Library 08-RAMLIB library
09-Icon Library 0A-Expansion Library
0B-Diskfont library 10-Audio device
11-Console device 12-Gameport device
13-Keyboard device 14-Trackdisk device
15-Timer device 20-CIA resource
21-Disk resource 22-Misc resource
30-Bootstrap 31-Workbench
32-Diskcopy 33-Gadtools
34-Utility library 35-Unknown

B:General Error Codes:
01-Not enough memory 02-couldn't make library
03-can't open library 04-can't open device
05-can't open resource 06-I/O error
07-No signal 08-Bad parameters
09-close library failed; usually too many closes
0A-close device failed; or a mismatched close
0B-Process creation failed

C:Specific Alert Codes

-Exec Library:
0001-68000 exception vector checksum (obs)
0002-exec checksum bad (obs)
0003-library checksum failure
0005-corrupt memory list detected in FreeMem
0006-No memory for interrupt servers
0007-InitStruct() of an APTR source (obs)
0008-A semaphore is in an illegal state at Rem Semaphore()
0009-Freeing memory that is already free
000A-Illegal 68k exception taken (obs)
000B-attempt to reuse active OIRequest
000C-Sanity check on memory list failed during AvailMem (MEMF_LARGEST)
000D-IO attempted on closed IORequest
000E-Stack appears to extend out of range
000F-Memory header not located. Usually an invalid address passed to FreeMem
0010-An attempt was made to use the old message sephamores
00FF-A quick interrupt has happened to an uninitialised vector

-CPU Exceptions:
0002-Bus Error 0003-Addressing error
0004-Illegal instruction 0005-divide by zero
0006-CHK instruction 0007-TRAPV instruction
0008-Privilege violation 0009-Trace
000A-OpCode 1010 000B-OpCode 1111
000E-Stack frame format error
0018-spurious interrupt error
0019 to 001F-Autovector Level 1 to 7 int error

-Intuition Library:
0001-unknown gadget type
0002-create port, no memory
0003-item plane alloc, no memory
0004-Sub alloc, no memory
0005-Plane alloc, no memory
0006-Item box top 
0007-Open screen, no memory
0008-open screen, raster alloc, no memory
0009-Open sys screen, unknown type
000A-Add SW gadgets, no memory
000B-Open window, no memory
000C-Bad Stare Return entering intuition
000D-Bad message recieved by IDCMP
000E-Weird echo causing incomprehension
000F-Couldn't open the Console Device
0010-Intuition skipped obtaineding a sem
0011-Intuition obtained a sem in bad order

-Graphics Library:
0000-graphics out of memory
0001-MonitorSpec alloc, no memory
0006-Long frame, no memory
0007-short frame, no memory
0009-text, no memory for TmpRas
000A-BltBitMap, no memory
000B-regions, memory not available
0030-Make V Por, no memory
000C-(GFX New Error)
000D-(GFX Free Error)
1234-Emergency memory not available
0401-Unsupported font description used

0000-no fonts
0001-Workbench (WB) bad startup Msg1
0002-WB bad startup Msg2
0003-WB bad IO Msg
0004-WB Init Potion Alloc Drawer
0005-WB Create WB Menus Create Menus1
0006-WB Create WB Menus Create Menus2
0007-WB layout WB Menus layout Menus2
0008-WB Add Tool Menu Item
000A-WB InitTimer
000B-WB Init Layer Demon
000C-WB Init WB Gels
000D-WB Init Screen and Windows1
000E-WB Init Screen and Windows2
000F-WB Init Screen and Windows3

-Layers Library:
0000-Layers out of memory

-Expansion Library:
0001-Freed free memory

-Trackdisk Device:
0001-Calibrate: seek error
0002-Delay: error on timer wait

-Disk Resource:
0001-Get unit: already has a disk
0002-Interrupt: no active unit

-RamLib Library:
0001-Overlays are Illegal for library segments

-Console Device:
0001-Console can't open initial window

-Timer Device:
0001-Bad request
0002-Power supply: no 50/60 Hz ticks

0001-Boot code returned an error

-Dos Library:
0001-No memory at startup
0002-EndTask didn't
0003-Qpkt failure
0004-Unexpected packet recieved
0005-Freevec failed
0006-Disk block sequence error
0007-Bitmap corrupt
0008-Key already free
0009-Invalid checksum
000A-Disk error
000B-Key out of range
000C-Bad overlay
000D-Invalid init packet for CLI/Shell
000E-A filehandle was closed more than once

-Alert Objects:
8001-ExecLib 8002-GraphicsLib
8003-LayersLib 8004-Intuition
8005-mathLib 8006-DOSLib
8008-RAMLib 8009-IconLib
800A-ExpansionLib 800B-DiskfontLib
800C-UtilityLib 800D-KeyMapLib
8010-AudioDev 8011-ConsoleDev
8012-GameportDev 8013-KeyboardDev
8014-TrackDiskDev 8015-TimerDev
8020-CIARsrc 8021-DiskRsrc
8022-Miscrsrc 8030-Bootstrap
8031-Workbench 8032-Diskcopy
8033-GadTools 8035-Unknown

Well, I hope that helps everyone. 
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Amiga 1200 / 4000 Startup Colors? 
The A1200 and 4000 perform several hardware checks as they start up. 
If the screen remains on any of the following colors on bootup, here 
is what they mean:

Opening screen
Initial Hardware tests passed
Initial system software tests passed
Final initialisation test passed

ROM error, reseat or replace Kickstart ROMS (this can also be caused by 
worn insulation covering the back end of the pins that connect an IDE 
cable to a hard drive, aka short).

Chip RAM error 

Custom Chip(s) error

68000 detected error before software trapped it (software or hardware error

I hope this helps the A1200 and A4000(T) users in our community.
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AmigaDOS error codes 
Several of you have also asked about error codes reported by AmigaDOS. 
The following codes are relavant to WB1.3 to WB3.1 (I'm not sure yet if 
they are compatable with OS3.5 and OS3.9):

103-No free store
105-Task table full
114-Bad template
115-Bad number
116-Required arg[ument] missing
117-Key needs arg
118-Too many args
119-Unmatched quotes
120-Line too long
121-File not found
122-Invalid resident library
201-No default dir[ectory]
202-Object in use
203-Object exists
204-Dir not found
205-Object not found
206-Bad stream name
207-Object too large
209-Action not known
210-Invalid component name
211-Invalid dock
212-Object wrong type
213-Disk not validated
214-Disk write protected
215-Rename accross devices
216-Directory not empty
217-Too many levels
218-Device not mounted
219-Seek error
220-Comment too big
221-Disk full
222-Delete protected
223-Write protected
224-Read protected
225-Not a DOS disk
226-No disk
232-No more entries

The following error codes apply to WB2.0 and higher ONLY:

233-Is soft link
234-object linked
235-Bad hunk
236-Not implemented
240-Record not locked
241-Lock collision
242-Lock timeout
243-Unlock error
303-Buffer overflow
305-File not executable

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