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Please remember that text for pages was originally
written for my Amiga 1200 to read... so thin paragraphs


Battery Problems


Recently acquired an early A500 which at first
glance appeared just fine. However when I studied
the A501 cheese in the trapdoor it had definitely
gone off.


The outer shielding was corroding and the residue from
the battery was leaking and running along the edge of
the board and starting to drip on the main A500 circuits


I pulled the battery. My method, which is only to be
copied at your own risk, is rock the battery gently
until the barrel comes away. be careful not to
damage any tracks. I then clean the debris away
with vinegar and finally neutralise with bicarbonate
or baking powder. I then dry with a mild hair dryer
Surgery went fine and the Amiga is working great
with 886672 free memory


These are images of other 501's in the collection

cards cards a500

As to healthy batteries...


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