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Another networked Win98 machine

coral coral coral coral

coral coral coral

I have networked at various locations old Win98 machines
which I link through to Amigas and use the hardrives and
web facilities. One such machine is Coral... All my computers
are named after girls. This is an Amiga tradition. Anyway, I was
beginning to have problems with Coral after installing RedHat
Took me a while to diagnose but if you study the right hand
picture you will see the end of the AGP slot is bust. The slot
normally has a bracket clip, and I guess a previous owner
bust it off when they tried to change the card. The motherboard
is a QDI Legend Advance 10F which I replaced off the Bay. I also
got a new TNT NVidia card, power supply, SDRam and Processor.
All this kinda kit is very cheap off the Bay and worth the
effort changing. Happy to say Coral is running fine again and
resumed duties Parnet connected to the A4000D.

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