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28th August 2007 additions

3032 4032 SFD-1001 Atom

MegaPC Sam Coupe HB-101P Famicom

Filling in the spaces at the moment. Starting to add
some of the earlier CBM machines and drives. Also
hunting down those boxed consoles, and was very
surprised to get a Famicom boxed plus the rare
MultiBox Sidecar ( unboxed ). Most wanted machines
that found their way here included the Acorn Atom,
Sam Coupe, SONY HiTBiT and Amstrad MegaPC with the
integral Sega Mega Drive. The most treasured
item to find it's way here this session had to be
my A3000 2.04ROM Kickstart disk. Without it my
A3000UX project is dead in the water.

* Amiga A500 boxed with seals intact
* CBM Model 3032 computer
* CBM Model 4032 computer
* Sam Coupe computer Miles Gordon Technology
* SONY MSX HitBit HB-101P computer boxed
* Acorn Atom computer
* Acorn A3010 computer
* Apple iMac computer
* Amstrad MegaPC 386SX Megadrive Compatible computer
* Amstrad PCW 9512+ computer
* Amstrad PCW 8256 computer plus external disk drive
* Nintendo Famicom Family Computer mint boxed
* Panasonic REAL 3D0 FZ-1 boxed
* TRS-80 Pocket computer

Sharp Elsimate EL-210
Citizen - SRP45 Programmable Calculator
Commodore 796M
Magic Brain
Hanimex BCM 901
Casio fx-82C
Casio fx-802p
Casio fx-720p with manuals and RAM cards

Amiga 3000 Kickstart Version 2.04
Amiga A500+ replacement motherboard
Amiga A501 RAM expansion
Boxed Squirrel SCSI Interface by Hi-Soft
18 VirusPD disks
6 SoftVille PD Services disks
9 AdvantagePD disks
30 Lorenzo Domain PD disks
18 BlitterChip PD disks
The Disk Magazine issues 1,2,3 and 4
MediaVision RENO CD-ROM drive for the Amiga
Boxed VidiAmiga12
Amiga Workbench 3.1 disks plus ROM for the A500/1500/2000
Alistair Brimble The Team 17 Works
Scribble - Platinum Edition
Kindwords 3 boxed - The Disc Company
MusicX Junior boxed - Micro Illusions
Amiga Format March 93 - Unlock the Power of the Amiga
Amiga Format October 97 - Take Over TV
Amiga Format November 97 - Make Some Noise
Amiga Format Christmas 97 - What a Cracker
Amiga Computing Vol 2 No 4 Sept 89 Big Mac
Amiga Computing Vol 2 No 6 Nov 89 Ninja Warriors
Amiga Computing Vol 2 No 7 Dec 89 Piracy
Amiga Computing Vol 2 No 12 May 90 AMOS
Amiga Computing Vol 3 No 6 Nov 90 Sample the World of Amiga Music
Amiga Computing Dec 90 Issue 31 The Emulator
CDTV caddy
Amiga 2000/2000HD/2500 manuals sealed
Satan PCHits - Amiga
BAT II - UbiSoft plus dongle

Commodore SFD-1001 5.25" floppy drive
C64 Programmers ToolBox - Supersoft
Commodore MPEG Pro Card
Your Commodore Oct 1984 Issue 1 - Machine Code Too Much
GEOS 128 V2 Commodore 128 ROM chip

VIC-20 Cartridge boxed - Mole Attack
Vixen switchable 16K RAM cartridge by Stonechip Electronics

Acorn Atom schematics
Atomic User Group Newsletter 7
Atomic Programs from AcornSoft 4 number
BugByte 747
Atom VDU Codes
Atom Technical Manual
Getting Acquainted with the Acorn Atom
Atomic Theory and Practice by David Johnson-Davies
Acorn Data Recorder

Amstrad CPC464 Screen Designer boxed
Amstrad CPC464 Teach Yourself Amstrad BASIC boxed
Amstrad CPC464 Masterfile 464 boxed
Amstrad PC1640 Technical Reference Manual
Amstrad PC1640 User Instructions
LocoScript 2 User Guide
LocoSpell User Guide
LocScript 2 Product Guide
PCW 8256/8512 User Guide
PCW CP/M Logo and WordProcessor
PCW 8256/8512 Book 1 Processor Manual
PCW 8256/8512 Book 2 BASIC Manual
Update LocoScript v2.28
PCW9512 Update
PCW 8256/8512 Designing your own characters
Defining Charactersets
PCW External Driver Guides
Printer Support Pack - Locomotive Software
Amstrad PC 5.25" system disks

Atari SM24 monitor
STOS boxed The Games Creator

Three iMac Pucks Blueberry

Memotech Software Z Loader

Nintento Family Computer rare 'Multi-Box' sidecar

SONY PRN-C41 HitBit MSX color plotter printer boxed
MSX BASIC reference Manual
MSX Introduction to Programming

Sinclair Pocket TV
Spectrum Modem Prism VTX5000

TRS-80 Level II BASIC Reference Manual

4 casstte datassette recorders
Iomega ZIP Tools Windows 3.x
SNA Theory and Practice Anura Garuge
4 Varta Barrel Batteries - new
Linux tutorial DVD
QBASIC The Language of DOS by Mike James

ImagineFX Aug 2007
ImagineFX July 2007
Fantasy Art Exhibition ImagineFX special
Retro Gamer Collection Special Vol 1 Aug 2007
Retro Gamer 29,30,35,37,39,40 and 41
PowerStation Issue 140 - Anniversary Walkthrough
PowerStation Issue 141 - Anniversary Walkthrough

Witchblade 104,106 and 107

And that was that for 28th August 2007
Cuppa tea me thinks and a rest

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