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World of Warcraft

This is very old.. Onward to Battle for Azeroth.
I'll get round to updating some time I guess

I have left the bottom part of this page unedited as it was
when I started playing Warcraft. I still play the game after
seven years and none of the supposed WoW killers have taken
the game down. Still a great deal of fun


World of Warcraft

The grand daddy of them all and still the most active online
gaming community with currently 7 million subscribers. The game
has a Free to Play aspect though in truth you need to subscribe
a monthly sum to get anything out of the game

Based around a series of now expanded territories with the core
zoneof Azeroth. You take on a character in either Alliance or
Horde faction and have a choice of a variety of races. Having
decided your Faction and then Race you then decide on your class.
For example I choose say Alliance, Human and Mage and so start my
journey in Northshire Abbeyjust outside Stormwind Castle.

Your journey takes you through the revised original content of
Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms to Outland and The Burning Crusade,
to Northrend and the Lich King, onward to Cataclysm. Then to
Pandaria and finally through the Dark Portal to Warlords of
Draenor and unltimately Level 100.

I currently have four characters at Level 100 and am levelling
a 99 Priest as we speak. I have 50 characters and a dozen or so
at Level 90. SO you can see I play this game a lot

The game is starting to creak a little under the pressure of the
original game design though is still very magical and rewarding.
The game benefits from a very large player base. You never feel
alone in this game



Previously on Warcraft

Commentry from the year of our Warcraft 2010

Warcraft WOW WoW WoW

What you going to do when the war is over


I have been playing World of Warcraft for 22 months now from
the original game through to the Burning Crusade and then onto
Northrend and the Wrath of the Lich King. I have to say I have
thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have no regrets dedicating
so much of my time to it. I have levelled seven Level 80's and
was about to level my eighth when I stopped... And why?

The game has serious problems now. It is a MMO and relies on the
activity of others to make it enjoyable. Sadly that is where I
have a problem. I really only like playing on my own and
can do so successfully to level 80. Sadly after that you need
others to progress. And what is worse, from the tone and level
of behaviour of many that frequent the chat channels in game I just
wouldn`t want to have anything to do with them. The game has been
simplified to allow most to get to 80 and do endgame challenges
This has meant the beloved areas of World of Warcraft have been
dumbed down to make it easy to hit 80. To be honest, you really
don`t need to play the original game anymore, you can boost your
way to 80 with a new feature Looking for Groups and just do dungeons
piggy backing off higher level players. This ultimately results with
most of those playing just living in a place called Dalaran and never ever
needing to go out into the World of Warcraft. What this results in
is a stagnation of the game really. And I have seen matters getting
worse over the last few months. Folk are getting disgruntled and bored
and moving on... And so it is that I have put my game away.

World of Warcraft is addictive... and takes up most of your play
time. Blizzard created a game where you needed to be active for
a long time to be successful, and that has been it's trademark
Trouble is if you also want a life outside of WoW, you really cannot
progress in the game.

Loved it to death... But all good things come to an end.

Seriously, do not play this game unless you have oodles of months
to spare. It is very addictive and a super game. The penalty though
is everything else.

So in the end I levelled seven Level 80's, all Alliance.

Prediction: People will migrate to Star Trek when
the game comes online... Sad though, WoW need its mass
appeal to survive. Once the masses leave, the thing will
just crumble and die. I do hope Blizzard have spotted
the cracks appearing


The World of MMO gaming

This month I tried Eve Online which was very similar
to a game called Stars that I used to play. More like
an interface style game than Action and Adventure

MMO Star Trek Star Trek

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One other game to consider is Guildwars Not a fan



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