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Mitac Win-Works - Windows
Intel Processor box
Picture Publisher - manual and software
Daily Mail 100 Amazing Years - CDRom
elegance Clip Art - Iris Graphics boxed
Elegance Tiles - Iris Graphics boxed
Icon Do It - Moon Valley Software
Contact Mate - Productivity Software
Screen Craze - Gold Disk boxed
Screen Craze II - Gold Disk boxed
Serif PagePLUS 3.0 boxed
Professional Draw - Gold Disk
Labels Unlimited - Softkey boxed, book plus software
Instant Calendar - Softkey boxed, book plus software
Floor Plans Plus 3D - CEI Book plus software
Announcements for Windows - CD plus manual
Microsoft Workgroup - Add-on for Windows boxed
Eseential Collection - Shanghai Activision boxed
Pair of Alba speakers on stands
InMAc 6A - Surge Master
4 Gang socket
Tea Kettle power strip
Ultima Underworld - Origin boxed
MIG-29M - Domark boxed
Lord of the Rings - Interplay boxed
Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny Mindscope boxed
Microsoft Disk Operating System - manuals
Microsoft GW-Basic - Book Microsoft Press
Instant Fonts - Softkey disks and manuals
Power Album - Softkey
Microsoft MSDOS Version 4 - Microsoft big box plus software
Microsoft Flight Simulator plus MS-DOS 6.2
Nakkai 5" B/W TV with radio - all in original box
Irwin Accutrak - 250MB Parallel port Tapestreamer in box
Microsoft Works for Windows Userguide - Mitac
Mastering DOS-5 - Judd Robbins
Optibase Jpeg Workshop Manual - Addstar
Timeworks for IBM PC and compatibles - GST Software
MicroGrafx Picture Publisher 3.0 LE - disks
Timeworks Publisher 3 - GST
The PC User Survival Guide - M&T books
NOVEL - DrDOS 6.0 - Quick reference guide
Getting the most out of your PC`s hard disk - JW Penfold
The Concise Users Guide to Windows 3.1
Paintshow - manual
Microsoft Word 5.5 - disks and manual
Daybook plus Toolbook - software
Diagnostic Disk Set 2 - Mauritron Tech Services
MITAC M1420/M1420A - colour monitor manual
Avery Label Pro for Windows - software plus manuals
Colorado Back-up Tape Stream - software plus manuals
Labels Unlimited - boxed software plus disks
Colorado Back-up Tape Book - software
Newsmaster II - Unison World boxed
Timeworks Desktop Publisher - boxed
Auto-route Express - Next Base boxed
Certificate Maker - Springboard boxed
Acetek Mouse - boxed
Uninstaller 2 - Contemporary software and manuals
Supestor Pro .2x - data compression software
AVR Color and Grey Scale Scanner manual
DrDOS 6.0 Digital Research - box and manuals
Sound Blaster - version 2 Creative Labs - card mint in box
AnalEDGE - joystick boxed
PCX Clip Art - Professional Plus
Serif MASTER DTP - starter CD-ROM
Serif Mega Art Pack - CD-ROM
GIF Clipart - CD-ROM - Professional Plus
HALO - Desktop Imager Media Cybernetics
Epson - Colour-in and Colour-out
PC Productivity Bible - Jim Seymour
Learning Coral Draw - Corel
Inside Corel Draw - Fourth Edition plus disks
Using Word for Windows - Special Edition QUE
CD-ROM Clipart Symbols - Corel
Mudulion PR. Air Ioniser in box
Voyetra Wave 16 - Multimedia Toolkit
HiPoint Mouse - alternative of laptops
Skylight Version 1.1 - manual and software
PagePLUS Desktop Publishing - books plus software
Microsoft Mouse
Timeworks Publisher - Adobe Type Manager - GS7
Glentop The Desktop Guide - John Walker
Coral 250Mb Back-up unit in box
Deluxe Magnifier Lite
Quick Drive Unit
Best of Windows Games - CD-ROM
The Sun - crosswords
The Printer Companion - CD-ROM
Making Tracks - CD
The Complete Windows Collection - CD
Coral Draw 3.5" disks
Coral Draw CR-ROM
Microsoft 95 - Demonstration Disk
Boulderdash II - First Star boxed
Boulderdash - First Star boxed
Coral Draw II - upgrade boxed
Virus Killer - 3.5" On-Line boxed
Lotus Smart Suite - Big Box Edition The full works
AVR Scanner
MITAC - PC Monitor
PC with 5.25" drive, 3.5" drive and CD Player
Ergonomic shaped keyboard
Quickshot - Flight Simulator as in aircraft cockpit - joycontroller
I Hate Word for Windows - Susan Weixel
Microsoft Windows - Version 3 full box and manuals
Using Coral Draw 4 - complete reference book QUE
The Technical Guide to Windows - Patrick Coleman
P1200 Owners Manual
XB24-10 Users Manual

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