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21st September 2008 additions

A590 A570 ATonce Viper

3000H Cifer Texas Silent 700 Sharp MZ80K

Apricot portable XI Turbografx Famicom Disk System

Large, large gap sorry in activity due to my being very
busy at work and getting hooked on World of Warcraft
Before the short intermission I had been concentrating
on A500 cards and peripherals. I was most fortunate to
discover a couple of very rare cards in A500s. Also I
acquired much better boxed versions of A590, A570 together
with boxed CD32. On the computer front I added a couple
of old data terminals, a number of portable classics
and a few ranges of machines otherwise missing from
the collection i.e The Apricot. Consoles had a few fillers
and the Famicom series finally benefited from the Disk
System. Loads and loads of disks this session and major
additions to magazines and software.

Sorry for the delay, but hey... better late than never
Kinda a retro motto that...

Deep breath time... This sessions acquisitions


Full list as follows below...

*Amiga 500 boxed with Viper520 CD card
*Amiga 500
*Amiga 500 repaired
*Amiga 500
*Amiga CD32 boxed [ blue and red box]
*Commodore C386SX-LT Laptop
*Commodore Laptop Model FT6000E
*Commodore TV Game Model 3000H
*Ameltone Stadium Colour C-22
*Amstrad Mega PC with monitor
*Amstrad NC100 - Notepad
*Atari 2600 Junior - large ribbon
*Boxed Atari Junior - large ribbon
*Apricot Xi
*Apricot Portable
*Mitsubishi Apricot VS550
*Atari 2600 Junior - small ribbon
*Bandai Wonderswan boxed mint
*BBC Microcumputer System Model B boxed
*Cifer Club Data Terminal
*Enterprise 64 boxed [ with joystick ]
*Macintosh LC II
*Mattel Aquarius - boxed
*NEC Turbografx Entertainment System
*Nintendo Superfamicom boxed mint
*Sharp MZ-80K
*SONY HitBit HB-75B
*Spectrum 16K boxed
*ZX Spectrum 128+ heatsink
*2nd ZX Spectrum 128+ heatsink
*3rd ZX Spectrum 128+ heatsink
*ZX Spectrum 128+ without heatsink
*2nd ZX Spectrum 128+ without heatsink
*Spectrum 128 boxed [ no heatsink ]
*Systema Type-right
*Texas Instruments Silent 700 Data Terminal
*Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop
*Zenith Data Systems Laptop Z-Note 433

Amiga Hardware
*Amiga 500 boxed with Viper520 CD card
*Amiga 500
*Amiga 500 repaired
*Amiga 500
*Amiga CD32 boxed [ blue and red box]
2 x Amiga 500 motherboards
A590 hard drive fully boxed
Amiga 570 CD Interface fully boxed
Videon - Video Digitizer NewTronic
VidiAmiga 24RT plus other original
SyQuest Formac Prodrive 40
A570 Disk Caddy
Perfect Sound - Stereo Digitizer
MegaloSound 8 Bit Stereo Sampler
Golden Image Hand Scanner
Lola Electronics PAL Encoder
Dataflex Comms A2000 modem
VLab MAcrosystems Digitizer VL1.3
Commodore 1986 A2000 1 MB RAM card
ATONCE PC/AT emulator card for the Amiga 500
Pheonix (c) DSH Electronics ROM Sharer
Viper 520 CD Card
Commodore A2286AT - PC Emulator plus sandwich

Amiga Software
Photogenics - Almathera
Organiser - Digita International
MaxiPlan4 - Intuitive Technologies
DrumStudio - Smash16
Deluxe Paint III - EA
DrT's Music Software - Tiger Cub
Ibrowse - HiSoft
ProText - Michtron
DevPac Version 2 - HiSoft
Deluxe Music - EA
Deluxe Misic Construction Set - EA
MusicX Jr - MicroIllusions
The Music Studio - Activision
Sonix - Aegis
Final Writer - Softwood Inc
Perfect Sound - SunRize Industries
SuperJam - Blue Ribbon
Bars and Pipes Professional - Blue Ribbon
BlitzBasic 2.1
Provector 2.1
AMOS Professional - Europress
Lightwave 3D Object 1 and 2
Lightwave 3D Interior Design 1, 2 and 3
The CDPD - Almathera
The Ultimate Amiga PD Demo Collection - PDSoft
Lock n Load - Northwest Public Domain
The AMUC-CD - Dedicated to the Amiga
Design 3D Software - Infrogrames
PageSetter3 - Gold Disk
SONIX - Aegis
Amiga Lightwave - 3.5
PenPal - Softwood
Mini Office - Europress
The Music Librarian - Applied Research Kernel

CD32 Gamer Issues 2,3,4 and 7
Amiga Computing Vol 2 - 2,4,6,7,12
Amiga Computing Vol 3 - 6
Amiga Computing Issue 31
Amiga Computing 1989 - Nov and Dec
Amiga Computing 1990 - May and Nov
Amiga Format Issue 4 Nov 89
Amiga Format Issue 48 July 93
Amiga Format Issue 56 Feb 94
Amiga Format Issue 108 May 98
Amiga Format Issue 120 Feb 99
Amiga Format Special 1993
Amiga User International March 93

Amiga Copy Software
Hercules Copy - Club 68000
Maruauder - Discovery Software

Amiga Misc:
Desktop Dynamite leaflet
Amiga 1200 technical specification
Commodore Customer Care Pack
A600 Series - Introducing the A600
The Deluxe Paint IV - Video Guide
Disk Box Small - 10

AmigaPD/Cover Disks
The One Jan, March, April, May, June, July 95
The One July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 94
Amiga Action Christmas 94, Nov 94
CU Amiga 83-87,90,91,94,95,100 to 125, 130
Home Education Tutor - PDN
Games - Dungeons of Nadroj - PDN
Graphics - Disney Clip Art - PDN
Games - Pom Pom Gunner - PDN
Graphics - Huge Paint Package - PDN
Games - The Great Escape of Billy Burglar - PDN
Approx 450 Cover Disks
Approx 125 PD Disks
Approx 30 Workbench Disks
85 games disks without boxes
Plus a further 3 disk boxes full of PD disks [ catalogued ]

Amiga Games:
SuperTetris - Spectrum Holobyte
genesia - Mindscape
Flight of the Intruder - Mirrorsoft
Lotus III - Gremlin
BushBuck - Activision
The Gold of the Aztecs - Kinetica
Ultimate Golf - Gremlin
Star Ray - Logotron
Dungeon Master II - Interplay
Black Crypt - Electronic Arts
F16 Combat Pilot - Digital Integration
Epic - Ocean
Thunder Hawk AH-73M - Core
Starglider 2 - Novella
Wing Commander - Origin
Frontier Elite II - Gametek
Drakkhen - Infogrames
The Dungeon Master Editor - Softex
Defender of the Crown - Mirrorsoft
Eye of the Beholder - TSR
Dungeon Master - FTC Games
Shadow of the Beast - Psygnosis
James Bond 007 Licence to Kill - Quixel
Toobin - Tengen
Hard Drivin - Tengen
Matrix Marauders - Psygnosis
The Simpsons Bart Vs the Space Mutants - Ocean
Henrietta's Book of Spells - Lander
Challenge Golf - Online
Hellraider - Arc
Galactic Conquerer - Titus
HATE - Vortex
Wacky Races - HiTec
Robocop - Ocean
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix - DJL
Gremlins 2 - Elite
Manchester United - Krisalis
Ian Botham's Cricket - Celebrity
Shhot em up Construction Kit - GHB
Sensible Soccer - EA
Heimdall 2 - Core
BAT - Ubisoft
PGA European Tour - Ocean
FIA18 Interceptor - Electronic Arts
Virus - Telecomsoft
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - GBH
Bloodwych - Mirrorsoft
Corporation - Core
Generation Stealth - Cinematique
Obliterator - Psygnosis
Stryx - Psygnosis
BAAL - Psygnosis
R-Type - Electronic Dreams
Syndicate - Electronic Arts
Carrier Comman - Rainbird
Chaos Strikes Back - FTL
Qwak - Team 17
Fears - Manyk
F-29 Retaliator - Ocean
Alien Breed II - Team 17
Alien Breed 3D - Ocean
Infestation - Psygnosis
The Chaos Engine - Bitmap Bros
Flight of the Amazon Queen - Warner Interactive
Worms - Ocean Team 17
Barbarian - Psygnosis
Menace - Psygnosis
Super Hang On
Win Commander Claw Marks Special Edition - Origin
Tiny Troops Vulcan
Burnout - Vulcan
Bograts - Vulcan
Timekeepers Expansion Disk - Vulcan
Cosmic Spacehead - Codemasters
Flip-It and Magnose - Imageworks
Nightbreed - Ocean
Hillsea Lido - Vulcan
Timekeepers - Vulcan
Welltris - Infrogrames
Liberation - Mindscape
Pinball Dreams - Digital Illusions
Lure of the Temptress - Revolution
Hired Guns - Psygnosis
Top Gear 2 - Gremlin
War in the Gulf - Empire
Captive - Mindscape
Kick Off 2
Menace - Psygnosis
Video Kid - GBH

Amiga Books:
Mastering Amiga Scripts - Mark Smiddy
MCC Pascal - Metacomco
Amiga Games Guide - BSB
Amiga Surfin - Karl Jeacle
Syndicate Playing Guide - Amiga Format
Amiga DOS 3 - Bruce Smith Books
Mastering AmigaDOS - BSB Vol 1
Mastering AmigaDOS - BSB Vol 2
Mastering Amiga Beginners - BSB

The Advanced OCP Art Studio - Rainbird
Lazarian - Bally Midway C64 Cartridge
Sound Studio - SFX Recording Studio
Americas Cup - Armchair
The Commodore 64 A Beginners Guide - Richard and Philip Graves
5.25" Disks
The Writer
Falcon Patrol
Raid Over Moscow
Battle for Normandy
F1-15 Strike
Beach Head
Expense Manager
Rolling Demo
Landing Simulator
Solo Flight
Blank III
Easy Writer

*Commodore C386SX-LT Laptop
*Commodore TV Game Model 3000H
*Commodore Laptop Model FT6000E

*Ameltone Stadium Colour C-22

*NC100 - Notepad
*Mega PC with monitor

*Atari 2600 Junior - large ribbon
*Boxed Atari Junior - large ribbon
*Atari 2600 Junior - small ribbon
ST BASIC - Metacomco BASIC
Hyperpaint 2 - Atari Software
STOS The Games Creator - Mandarin
Atari Light Gun
Joystick - Competition Pro
Joystick - Spectravideo
Asteroids - Atari
Vanguard - Atari
Carts MarioBros - Nintendo
Pheonix - Atari
Crystal Castles - Atari
Space Invaders - Atari
Centipede - Atari
32 in 1 game cartridge

*Macintosh LC II

*Apricot Xi
*Mitsubishi Apricot VS550
*Apricot Portable

*Bandai Wonderswan boxed mint

*BBC Microcumputer System Model B boxed
BBC Microcomputer Disk Drive
Plus Unamed 5.25" drive
VU-File -Psion Software
Acorn data recorder
The Computer Programs 1 - Ian Trackman
BBC Welcome Book and tape
BBC User Guide
Spectacular Programs for the BBC
At Home with the BBC Microcumputer
Speech Synthesis
The BBC Microcumputer Teletext System
Acorn User
Z80 Second Processor
For Ideas that can Multiply
6502 Second Processor
AcornSoft - Mirle Software
Disk Storage System
BBC Microcomputer System
BBC Games:
Joe Blade - Players
Eagles Wing - Software Invasion
Indoor Soccer - Alternative Software
Craoker - Program Power
Rock Fall and Money Maze - Alternative
Gtaecrasher - Quicksilver
Battle Tank - Superior Software
Ultron - Icon Software
Pipeline - Superior Software
Play it again Sam 2 - Superior Software
Felix and the Fruit Monsters - Program Power
Jack and the beanstalk - Superior Software
Space Pilot - Superior Software
Mango - Blue Ribbon
Football Manager - Addictive
Commando - Encore
Olympic Spectacular - Alternative
Vigilante - Players
Manic Miner - Software Projects
Sub Killer - Dk'Tronics
Screwball - Blue Ribbon
AirWolf - Encore

*Cifer Club Data Terminal

SuperSix GamePack - Einsoft
Breakout - Deflect - Bootman
N'Vades - Phrogger - Traxman
Einstein System Master V3.0
Relatively BASIC - GM Software

*Enterprise 64 boxed [ with joystick ]

*Mattel Aquarius - boxed

*NEC Turbografx Entertainment System
NEC Turbografx Accessories Pack

Box mint
SNK Keyring

*Famicom Computer Disk System - Nintendo
*Nintendo Superfamicom boxed mint

*Sharp MZ-80K

*Sega 32X for the Megadrive

*SONY HitBit HB-75B

*Spectrum 16K boxed
*ZX Spectrum 128+ heatsink
*2nd ZX Spectrum 128+ heatsink
*3rd ZX Spectrum 128+ heatsink
*ZX Spectrum 128+ without heatsink
*2nd ZX Spectrum 128+ without heatsink
Dk'Tronics joystick plus interface
Spectrum ROM game - Cookie
Spectrum ROM game - Jet Pac
Spectrum ROM game - Hungry Horrace
Sinclair Spectrum Microdrive Manual
Spectrum BASIC programming manual
Spectrum introduction leaflet
Master Your ZX Microdrive - Andrew Pennell

Spectrum Games:
R-Type - Electronic Dreams
Valkyrie - RamJam
The Hobbitt - Melbourne House
A Day in the Life - Micromega
The Lords of Midnnight - Beyond Challenging Software
Core - AnF Software
Game Set and Match - Ocean
The Gold Collection III - US Gold
Slaine from 2000AD - Martech
Doc the Destroyer - Mellbourne House
Ballbazer - Lucasfilm Games
Star Wars - Domark
Super Hang On - Sega
Fifth Quadrant - Bubbke Bus Software
Cybernoid - Hewson
Gift from the Gods - Ocean
PSI Chess - Steven L Watson
Tachyon Command - Century Software
Ghosts'n'Goblins - Elite
Steevo's Whirled - Gargoyle Games
Kayleth - Isaac Asimars
Stars on the 128 - Ocean
The Very Big Game Adventure - CPC
Sidewize - Firebird
Combat Lynx - Durell
Off the Hook - Electronic Dreams
Hunchback - Ocean
Knight Rider - Ocean
Nodes of Yesod - Computer Graphics
Five Star
Uridium Plus - Hewson
Trap Door Piranha
Tav Ceti - CRC
Aliens - Electric Dreams
Fire Lord - Hewson
Strike Force Harrier - Mirrorsoft
Bedlam - Go
Mantronix - Probe
Smashed - Star Choice
Invincible Island - Richard Sheperd
Castle Blackstar - CDS MicroSystems
Sky Runner - Cascade
1942 - Elite
Jungle Trouble - Durell
Pyrocurse - Hewson
Codename Mat - Micromega
Wolfan - Bulldog
Arcade Hall of Fame - US Gold
Penetrator - Melbourne House
Now Games - Virgin
Conquest - Mad Games
Astro Blaster - Quicksilva
Road Racers - Paxman
Arcade Action Orbiter - Silversoft
Hungry Horrace - Psion
Twin ingdom Valley - Bug Byte
The Drive-in - Fantasy Software
Fairlight - Edge
The Big Sleaze - Delta 4
Batman Ocean
Chronos - Matsertronic
Starstrike II - Realtime Software
Stonkers - Imagine
Dan Dare II - Mega Tape
ATV Simulator - Code Masters
Galaxians - Artic
Slippery Sid - Silversoft
Spellbound - Mad
Bosconian - Mastertronic
HiJack - Electric Dreams
Future Games - Mastertronic
Horace Goes Skiing - Psion
Spectrum Chess - Paxman
PSI Games - Prism Leisure
Cyclone - Vortex
4D Arcade Adventure - Time Gate
Couldron II - Palace
Classic Adventure - Melbourne
Uridium - Hewson
Transmuter - Code Masters
G Man - Code Masters
Rigels Revenge - Bulldog
Molar Maul - Imagine
Magnificent 7 - Activision
Exterminator - Silversoft
Now Games 2
The Zacaron Mystery - Players
WizBiz - Alternative
Kobyashi Naru - Mastertronic
Schizoids - Imagine
Chess - Psion
Sam Spade - Silversoft
Dynatron Mission - Mastertronic
How to be a Hero - Mad
The Happiest Days of your Life - Firebird
Airwolf - Elite
Spike - Firebird
Crash Smashes - Gremlin
The Ice Temple - Bubble Bus
Codename Mat II - Domark
Amaurate - Mad
Chequered Flag - Psion
Mothership - Exclusive
Agent X - Mastertronic
Dimension Destructors - Paxman
Escape - New Generation
Android Two - Vortex
Olli and Lissa - Firebird
Mindshadow - Activision
Valhalla - MoviSoft
Necris Dome - Codemasters
Cosmic Debris - Exclusive
Tanium - Players
Boulder Dash - First Star
Serpent from Hell - Scorpio Games
Salamander - The Hit Squad
Tiem Quest - Adventure World
Omega One - Mastertronic
Twin Kingdom Valley - Bug Byte
Nonterraqueous - Mastertronic
Dandy - Electric Dreams
5 Star II - Various
Crystal Castles - US Gold
Light Force - FTL
Wintersports - Electric Dreams

*Systema Type-right

Texas Instruments:
*Texas Instruments Silent 700 Data Terminal

*Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop

*Zenith Data SystemsLaptop Z-Note 433

Older Mags:
Home Computing Weekly:
1,3,4,5,6,11,14,16,19,20, 24,26,28,29
March 83 - Feb 84
Popular Computing Weekly:
Vol 2 5,9,,24,26
Vol 2 30,31,34,36,38,39,41,46,49,50,51
Vo3 3 1,5,11,33,16-22,23-29
Then from Feb 1983 to Feb 1984
Compute: 33,34,35,37,38,39,40,42
Personal Computing Today:
Oct 82, Jan 83, April 83, June 83, Nov 83
Dec 83 and Jan 84
Personal Computer World March and Oct 1982

Witchblade 113
Witchblade 114
Witchblade 115
Imagine FX Feb, April, May 2008
Retro Gamer 46 to 51
Tomraider XBOX World: Underworld
Playstation 2 Mag May 2008
Playstation Official Mag - April 2008
Playstation Official Mag - May 2008
Playstation 3 Mag - 165 and 166
Micromart - every week since last update

Playstation Games:
Tombraider Anniversary Official game Guide
Sensible Soccer 2006 -Codemasters
Driver 3 - Atari
Hitman 2 - Eidos
Metal Gear Solid 2 - Konami
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Konami
Resident Evil Dead Aim -Capcom
Spedierman - Activision
FIFA 06 - EA Sports
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - Konami
Prince of Persia - Warrior Within - UbiSoft
Death by Degrees - Namco
Monkey Island - Lucas Arts
Drakengard - Square Enix
Dirge of Cerberus - Square Enix
God of War - SONY
Time Splitters - EA Games

PC Games:
Guildwars Factions - Official Guide Book
World Of warcraft - Blizzard
Burning Crusade - Blizzard
World of Warcraft Bestiary - Blizzard
World of Warcraft Master Guide - Blizzard
Atari Hits Arcade - GSP
Sherlock Holmes - White Label
Battlefield 1942 - EA Games
Command and Conquer - EA Games
Generals - EA Games
Medal of Honor Allied Assault - EA Games
CivCity Rome - Fraxis
Prey - Sold Out
Tomb Raider Anniversary - Eidos
SpellForce - Sold Out
Pharaoh Gold - Sold Out
Sid Meiers Civilization Complete - Fraxis

Matsui computer cassette recorder - boxed

Netgear 8 Port Hub
Samsung Syncmaster 2232-BW
PC FM Autoscan Radio
250MB Internal ZIP Drive
NVidia GEForce4 AGP G4Ti 4200
Verto Ti4200 GForce4
Haynes Build Your Own Computer
NVidia FX5500
14400 bps FAX Modem

And that was that


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