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3rd May 2010 additions


Amiga 1000 Just Amiga A600 Monitor

Some may recall that around two years ago I decided
to have a bit of a break. I collated what I had
acquired later in 2008 and did the last real update
September of that year... Anyway, I was tempted out
from under my rock by a very very kind gentleman
who asked me to have his Amiga collection. I was
so proud and privileged to be given this opportunity
and treked north to fill my vehicle with Amiga
goodies once more. Suffice to say that the lions
share of this list has been contributed by a very
spacial Amigan.... A big thanks to Chris T.

And so... deep breath time.


Full list as follows below...

Amiga 3000 with A-MAX II+ by Readysoft Mac Emulator
Computer has two hard drives. Battery replaced in 2003.
A4000 EC 030 with 1.2 GB HD CyberGraphics and CD Rom
A4000 030 Basic no boards
Amiga 1000 complete with mint box and Spirit board
Amiga 1000 in original Commodore blue red box mint
Amiga 1000 complete in original Amiga 'tick' box
Amiga 600 with 80mb hard drive
Amiga 600 in Commodore blue red box 80mb HD + memory card
Amiga 600 - The Wild The Weird The Wicked
Amiga 500 Cartoon Classics plus expansion
Amiga 500 with Workbench 1.3
Amiga 500 Screen Gems with all seals intact - Removed A501 cheese
Amiga CDTV - Complete in original Commodore blue red box
Amiga CDTV without box complete with remote, keyboard this
unit fitted with adaptor for two mice.
GVP A530 Turbo 40MHz Impact Series II Sidecar for the A500
Amiga 1081 Monitor
A530 User Guide, power supply, install disks
Boxed 1411 CDTV black floppy drive
second CDTV floppy drive
A4000 daughter board
Boxed A520 modulator
2 No KCS PowerPC Boards for the Amiga 500 ( Never opened )
A3000 - Quick Connect - How to set up the Amiga 3000
Amiga 3000 Thick binder - Volume 1
Amiga 3000 Thick binder - Volume 2
Introducing the Commodore Amiga 3000
The Amiga Handbook - Markus Breuer
The Amiga System - Bill Donald
The Kickstart Guide to the Amiga - Ariadne Software
CDTV Service Manual
A3000 Monitor Cable
A1000 Serial Lead
2 x Amiga 3000 chips 8520A-1 1790-24
Amiga 1000 mouse
Musical Instrument Digital Interface for the A500
Big box of assorted cable leads
2 x A2000 keyboards
3 x A4000 keyboards
GVP Products Guide 1992
Spirit Inboard 1000 Series Installation Guide
Connecting the Amiga 1000 Memory Expansion
Connecting the Amiga 1000 External Floppy Drive
Amiga 1000 Circuit Board Diagram
AmigaDOS V1.1 and v1.2 User Guide and Software boxed
Amiga Kickstart 1.1
Amiga Enhancement Software special pack
CDTV The Demo
17-Bit The Continuation Disc
AmigaDOS Quick Reference
Amiga 1200 Users Guide x 3
Amiga 1085s User Guide
A4000 Service Manual - 29th Jan 2004
Using the Amiga Workbench
Workbench 3 V3
Amiga NET User Manual - Hydra Systems
Commodore 1940/42 User Guide
Using the Amiga Workbench
Introducing the Amiga 600
A4000 Warranty and receipt - Cost 1200
4" thick Manual for the Amiga - Using the System Software
Amiga 600 User Guide
The Amiga Handbook - David Lawrence
AmigaWorld - Official AmigaDOS Companion
AmigaBASIC - Paul Fellows
Introducing the Amiga
DOS2DOS Software plus manual - Central Coast
AUI Cribcards 1-22
MegaMaths - LCL
MicroMaths - LCL
Deluxe Paint III - EA
Amiga Format - Get the Most
AmigaDOS Reference Guide - Arlan R Levitan
Presenting the Amiga - Data Becker
Deluxe Paint IV - EA
VizaWrite Desktop - Viza Software
SuperBASE Professional - Folder plus Software - Precision
Amiga Format Special - The Ecyclopaedia of the Amiga
Box of assorted disks, early Workbench and PD stuff.
Byte n Back Hard Disk Back Up Utility
Imagine 2.9 Software
CrossDOS Version 5 - Consultron
CrossPC PC-XT Emulator
Imagine 3.0 Book and Software - Impulse
Introduction to the Amiga
Real 3D - Thick binder plus software - Activa Int
Flight Simulator II - SubLOGIC
Professional Page 4.1 - Thick Binder Larry Hickmott
Personal Paint 4 - CloanTo
ABEKAS/EXABYTE Loader + Saver Module
Art Department Professional V2.5
Art Department Professional V2
can-Do Large manual and software - Inovatronics
Dr T's Music Software Manual
Boxed copy of X Copy plus dongle
Pixel 3D Version 2 - Axiom Software
Tekmagic 68040 Plus Disk and Installation Guide
MegalaSound - Microdeal
Hanna Barbara Animation Workshop - Empire
AMOS The Creator
AMOS in Action - Anne and Len Tucker
Clarissa - ProDAD
Amiga Basic - Paul Fellows
Amiga Shopper PD Directory - Ian Wrigley
AmigaBASIC Inside and Out - Abacus
Amiga Format Get the Most out of Your Amiga
AEGIS Modeler boxed
Alien Breed 3D - Team 17
Sensible Soccer Limited Edition - Sensible
Superfrog CD32
Space Hulk - Hit Squad
Black Crypt - Hit Squad
Switchsoft - IO Demonstration Kit
Beginners Guide to AmigaDOS - Wizard Software
Amiganet User Manual Rev 1.3
How to Animate - Video CUAmiga Devware
The Amiga Video Collection Vol 2 - Burgess
Professional Page Video - Gold Disk
Full set of Just Amiga Magazines
75 PD Fred Fish Disks
150 Cover Disks
Workbench 3.1 disks
Plus the full set of Just Amiga magazines.
....... Plus boxes of books, software,
games, disks, manuals, samplers, cables etc etc etc.


Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop
IBM 300GL desktop Computer
Hidden Computer Interaction - Alan Dix
The Home Computer Course - RBIS
XBOX Elite 120GB new boxed
XBOX Elite 120 GB second hand
Star Trek Online - MMO Game
Batman Arkham Asylum PS3 - WB
Uncharted 2 Amongst Thieves - Naughty Dog
Uncharted Wlakthrough
Ridge Racer Type 7 - Namco
Bayonetta - Sega
Call of Duty - Activision
Assassins Creed II - Ubisoft
Final Fantasy XIII - Square Enix
Final Fantasy Boxed Presentaion Set
FIFA 10 - EA Sports
God of War 3 - Sony
Need for Speed - EA
Tomb Raider Underworld - Crystal Dynamics
Dantes Inferno - EA
Forza Motorsport - Microsoft
Bayonetta - Sega
FIFA 10 - EA
FIFA 09 - EA
Dead or Alive 4 - Tecmo
Tiger Woods PGA 09 - EA
PURE and Lego Batman - Interactive

Windows 2000 - Microsoft
Playstaion Official Magazine April 2010
PCGamer The MMO Edition - April 2010
Fantasy Imagine magazine - April 2010
PS3 Controller boxed
XBOX 360 Controller plus charger
Retro Gamer Issue 75
Fantasy Art - April 2010
3D Artist - April 2010
Sirius Manuals
Sirius Microsoft BASIC
WordPerfect on 5.25" disks

And that was that


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