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My love affair with online gaming


So what exactly is a MMORPG ? Simply put the game is ...
' Massively ' meaning many thousands of players are involved
'Multiplayer ' not a single player console style game
' Online ' means the game is actively online when you play
' RPG ' means you role play a character

Games are set in a fantasy world built around its own lore and
story line. Often the games go through a series of expansions
introducing new story subject matter including new races and
possible factions and whole new map zones

Game play is generally structured around quests which enable
your character to level. When you level you become more able
to take on the more difficult challenges of the game. Ultimately
your character will reach the current level cap and be ready to
challenge what is called end game

The social aspect of the games involves guilds of players who
work together for common goals. The aim is to create a social
core that will bond players to a given game

Games fall into three specific modes of activity. These being
PVE - Player v Environment which means that actions are
directed against computer NPCs or none player characters and
are challenges set by a computer simulation or instance such
as dungeons. Activities can be grouped or single player. PvP
on the other hand is Player v Player where your opponent is
another player in the game. Activities can be either open world
PvP where you simply go looking for battles in the wider world
of the game or Battleground or Arena style battles in structured
group activity. The third style of play was recently introduced
by Blizzard where your player controls secondary pets in a challenges
with other pets. Surprisingly these are called Battle Pets. The
concept has been widened to include Player Housing and Garrisons
where you create a virtual world to occupy online. In these activities
the character is not actively involved generally in battle scenarios,
though at times can be. Clear as mud.

Games I play


World of Warcraft

The grand daddy of them all and still the most active online
gaming community with currently 7 million subscribers. The game
has a Free to Play aspect though in truth you need to subscribe
a monthly sum to get anything out of the game

Based around a series of now expanded territories with the core
zone of Azeroth. You take on a character in either Alliance or
Horde faction and have a choice of a variety of races. Having
decided your faction and then race you then decide on your class.
For example I choose say Alliance, Human and Mage and so start my
journey in Northshire Abbey just outside Stormwind Castle.

Your journey takes you through the revised original content of
Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms to Outland and The Burning Crusade,
to Northrend and the Lich King, onward to Cataclysm. Then to
Pandaria and finally through the Dark Portal to Warlords of
Draenor and ultimately Level 100.

I currently have four characters at Level 100 and am levelling
a 99 Priest as we speak. I have 50 characters and a dozen or so
at Level 90. SO you can see I play this game a lot

The game is starting to creak a little under the pressure of the
original game design though is still very magical and rewarding.
The game benefits from a very large player base. You never feel
alone in this game


Guildwars 2

Technically Guildwars 1 and Guildwars 2 as I have both games.
The game is very similar to Warcraft albeit you actually buy
the game and that gives you the right to then play as much as
you like. In truth I have only ever dabbled in the game as I
find the structure to be so similar to Warcraft I cannot give
the game sufficient time to make it worthwhile



Click to see why I will never play this game again

Up until a few weeks ago I would have been happy to claim
Archeage to be my MMO of choice. However, recent moves by Trion
to merge servers and to take their player base for granted has
turned me away from the game

Similar to Warcraft the game has a Medieval flavour. The game
has the usual faction, race and class choices and the process
of levelling involves quests and the gearing up to enable you
to PvP your way to the top of the ladder. For those not wanting
to PvP you get the option to build property and farms and craft
and trade your way to the top

I particularly enjoyed the crafting and farming in this game
which makes the game somewhat different to Warcraft. Sadly
though Trion have crapped out and I shall not be playing much


Star Wars the Old Republic

Very little is needed to explain the concept of Star Wars
You travel on your ship from planet to planet undertaking
story based quests. The voice acting is superb though the
process of travelling is so frustrating you find yourself
getting bored very quickly. Added to this the constant heavy
patching makes playing the game after a short break very very
annoying. In truth I just cannot be bothered with the updates



Very much a World of Warcraft clone. Sadly has lost popularity
and although I played it to death with many characters I refuse
to play because of the way Trion mismanaged the game


Star Trek Online

I really did enjoy Star Trek. The concept of travelling in space
and building up your crew really appealed to me. Sadly though I
had a technical issue with flashing screens and just never could
get it fixed. So sad



A most addictive and dangerous of games. I will say very little
more. The character creation in this game is wonderful. The
costuming and environments are sumptuous. The battle sequences
and fight mechanics are the best in any game

I am in love with Tera..... Simply the best there is right now


New to Tera ' The sexy GUNNER '
I am already Level 45 after just one week






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