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Links Page

All active at time of posting 9th April 2016

Amiga Chips - Amiga Chips and Part Numbers
Amiga Forever - The Amiga Forever Homepage
Amiga Hardware - The Big Book of Amiga Hardware
Amiga Hardware Database - Details of all hardware
Amiga Hints - Great site of hints and tips.
Amiga Inc - Home of Amiga Inc.
Amiga Realm - software directory
Amiga Reviews - Welcome to!
Amiga Transputer - Metacomco / Commodore Amiga Transputer
AmigaWorld Net - Amiga Community Portal
Aminet - The Aminet Archive
Analogic - Amiga hardware and repairs
Atari Transputer - ATW800 Transputer workstation
Back2Roots - Amazing file download site
Blitz Basic - Official Website
C64 Headquarters - For Commodore freaks who still thinks it is the best machine ever released!
Captain Future - Amiga Collection
Classic Computing - Dortmunder Computer Museum
Coldstorage - MP3 and MODS
Cols Homepage - Free Software Downloads
Commodore Collection - Nice images of all things Commodore
Commodore Museum - Commodore CA
Computer Museum - DigiBarn Museum Links Page
Compuquick - Welcome to CompuQuick Media Center
The Crypt - Home of The Crypt on-line magazine
Dave's Old Computers - Retro Computer Collection
The Dave Haynie Archive - Yes.. the Dave Haynie Archive
Digibarn - Computer Museum
Elbox - Home of Elbox Computer
The English Amiga Board - The EAB Community
Haage-partner - Software solutions
High Voltage SID site - Commodore 64 music for the masses
MUI - SASG Mui site
Old Computers Museum - There are now 976 computers in the museum
Olde Pheonix - This is the Olde Phoenix Inn
Phase5 - Phase5 installers
Port Amiga - Index of port-amiga
SnoopDOS - Home of SnoopDOS
SWOS 24/7 - Sensible Soccer
Secret Weapons - C= What New Secrets Have Been Discovered?
Virus Checkers - Various Amiga virus checkers.
Vulcan Software - The Vulcan Game Portal
Workbench Data Base - Greg Donner`s amazing Workbench site
YAM - The world of YAM, free e-mail software
York University - Computer Museum

Eric W. Schwartz

Un-official Web Site The Un-official site of Eric W Schwartz

Image property of Eric W Schwartz

A True Survivor

Useful Sites

World Clock - Know the time anywhere in the world
Currency Converter - Useful when buying from another country

The Greatest Commodore Collector of all Time

Bo Zimmerman , and this is his web page..

"..pages cater only to folks of both taste and distinction."


Collecting Commodore

HCM - Home Computer Museum
Edward Shockley's "B" Commodore site
Obsolete Computer Museum

The Aminet Archive

scuzz site

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